The Tiberias Marathon (Hebrew מרתון טבריה ) is a Marathon in Tiberias, which takes place at the turn around since 1977. The organizers are the city of Tiberias and the Israeli Athletic Association, which organizes its Marathon Championship during the event. As a side competition, a 10 - km race will be held.


The Tiberias Marathon is the first marathon in Israel, which was established as a continuous event to life. Since the marathon of Tel Aviv, which took place from 1981 to 1995 (2009 there was a one-time City Marathon for the city's anniversary ) has been set, it is the only course in the country over the 42.195 km.

2007 led the event for political entanglements, as under the name Mushir Salem Jawher starting for Bahrain Kenyan-born Leonard Mucheru Maina won. It was the first time that an athlete had participated from an Arab country in the race. After the runner why an apology was demanded of him, and in the aftermath of the authorities difficulties in the visa application has been made, he made ​​the switch reversed and went back to his homeland for Kenya. As Leonard Mucheru Maina starting in the following year he defended his title.


The course is a turning point route on the south shore of the Sea of ​​Galilee, which runs from the center of Tiberias to Kibbutz En Gev and back. Since the distance is more than 200 meters below sea level, is the world to the lowest-lying aboveground marathon.


Track records

  • Men: 2:07:30 h, Patrick Tambwe ( FRA ), 2012
  • Women: 2:34:17 h, Mária Starovská (TCH ), 1992

List of winners

Source for results before 2005: ARRS

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