Ticino (river)

Ticino in Claro above Bellinzona

The Ticino ( Italian Ticino, in ancient times Ticinus ) is a left tributary of the Po, which flows from Switzerland to northern Italy. He has given the Canton of Ticino the name.

The Ticino arises when Nufenenpass southwest of the Gotthard massif and flows through the series after the Bedrettotal, the Leventina Valley, the Riviera and the Magadinoebene before it flows into the Lago Maggiore ( Lake Maggiore ).

On the Italian side, he leaves the lake at Sesto Calende and flows through the Po Valley, where it flows south-east of Pavia in the butt.

Its length is 248 km, the catchment area of ​​7'228 square kilometers. The main tributaries are the Brenno, the Moësa, the Maggia and Toce.

On the banks of the river, probably near Vigevano, about 25 km northwest of Pavia, the fight took place on Ticinus 218 BC between the Romans and the Carthaginian general Hannibal.

Ticino estuary into Lake Maggiore

The Ticino in Sesto Calende

The Ponte Vecchio over the Ticino at Pavia