Tif et Tondu

Harry and the plate ( in the original French Tif et Tondu ) were also drawn by Fernand Dineur who texted the show to start both, created for the Franco-Belgian comics magazine Spirou the publisher Dupuis.


The two adventurers are represented since the first issue of 21 April 1938. In the first adventure 'Les Aventures de Tif Tif '' acts initially alone, but already on the fifth page he stumbles on a deserted island in the stranded Tondu, which henceforth will not leave him again. At Dineur Figures are shown very schematically. The drawings are simple and less detailed than under his successors.

1948 takes over Will ( the Belgian Willy Maltaite ) the series as a draftsman. The scenarios first writes further Fernand Dineur. By 1990, Will remains the series that develops under his pen to a classic representative of the humorous detective series, loyal, while the copywriter change frequently. According to a letter written by Luc Bermar Adventure Maurice Rosy will last for many years of solid lyricist of the series. Under Rosy (1955-1968), the spirited adventure series is more complex. Fantastic and mysterious elements appear increasingly to the fore, especially in the form of masked criminals shock.

Early 60s are realized for the Spirou magazine also temporarily adventure by Marcel Denis as a copywriter and illustrator, but this commitment remains a short episode.

1968 are due to a variety of other tasks Rosy for the publisher Dupuis collaboration in the series on. New copywriter is Maurice Tillieux under which the series is more developed in the direction of a semi- realistic classic detective series. After the accident death of Tillieux is the new copywriter from 1978 Stephen Desberg. The series is dedicated to now more political issues. Under Desberg also the figure of the shock returns, which was not used during the era Tillieux.

When he was 40 years responsible for the graphical implementation of Tif et Tondu of adventure, Will pulls up in 1990 by the series back. The duo Alain Sikorski (drawings ) and Denis Lapière ( scenarios ) made ​​in subsequent years, even a total of 6 albums, but in 1997 the series after a run time of 60 years is set.

In Germany the adventures of Tif et Tondu have been known since the 60's under the title "Gin and Fizz " by various publications of the Cauca- Verlag. In the years 1982 and 1983 published six adventure at Semic -Verlag - also as "Gin & Fizz " - before the Carlsen Verlag between 1988 and 1994 17 albums of the classic series of Will published. Here, the established name in Germany in " Harry and plate " has been changed, although also created by Maurice Tillieux Series » Gil Jourdan " ( German: A case for Jeff Jordan ) in earlier publications the Caucasus confusingly similar names " Harro and plate « wore. After a break of seven years, the comic series is continued since 2001 Salleck - Publications. There appears since August 2011, a German translation of the French total output, starting with the albums of Will / Rosy.

Recurrent people

  • Tif (" plate ", " Fizz " ) is initially the sole main character of the series. Like its German name suggests, he is bald. It is a trace cautious and reserved than his friend Tondu.
  • Tondu ( "Harry," "Gin " ) occurs for the first time on the fifth page of the first episode (Les Aventures de Tif ). He is presented as a shipwrecked captain of the sunken freighter Marius. After this first meeting, he does not deviate more from Tifs page.
  • Monsieur Choc ( "shock " ) is the term rival of Harry and plate. He is the head of a worldwide criminal organization branched (" white hand "). His face is always hidden behind a white, a knight's helmet -inspired mask, so his real existence remains an ongoing mystery. First appearance in the white hand slams ( Tif et Tondu contre la main blanche ).

The albums

Like most series of the magazine Spirou the adventures of Tif et Tondu some time after the first publication of Dupuis were released as albums series. However, the early work of Fernand Dineur was not considered. The series begins with the albums after the takeover of the series by Will created comics. The first adventure, which were still texted from Dineur are also included only partially.

The missing volumes are, however, also published in France in other rows in part with other publishers. In the overall output of the stories before Rosy completely absent, the total output only begins with " The White Hand ".

In Germany, the publication history - as with so many Franco- Belgian series - very confusing. Add albums form drawn only by Will adventures have been published since 1982 until now. Also these are not yet fully translated into German. The published since 1982 volumes spread over three publishers ( Semic, Carlsen, Salleck ). The order of publication and the numbering are not in chronological order.

All published volumes are listed here according to the original order. In the German publication published for the first one. Should a re-release happen under a new name, so this is extra noted.

Total expenditures, it looks like this.

Parts of the series were previously published under the title Gin Fizz and in the Caucasus, some even several times under different titles.