Tiger Island

El Tigre ( German " Tiger " ) is a volcanic island in the Gulf of Fonseca in Central America. The island was awarded in 1992 by a decision of the International Court of Honduras. Administratively it belongs to the municipality Amapala in the department of Valle.


El Tigre is situated about 10 km off the Pacific coast of Honduras, and 1.5 km southwest of the neighboring island of Zacate Grande. The nearly circular island has a diameter of almost 6 km and an area of ​​about 20 km ². It is formed by a conical, currently inactive, basaltic stratovolcano. Overall, the island has 5432 inhabitants ( 2001), focusing on the following five localities ( Aldeas ) distribute:

  • Amapala ( 2478 Ew. )
  • Gualorita ( 1338 Ew. )
  • Playa Grande ( 647 Ew. )
  • Playa Negra (570 Ew. )
  • San Pablo (395 Ew. )


To the former active volcanic mountain with an altitude of 783 meters, a ring road has been created, which is connected to the ferry terminal in place Amapala. The car ferry connects the island with around 3.4 kilometers away Coyolito place on the mainland of Honduras.