Tight End

The tight end is in American football a mixture of offensive lineman and wide receiver.

With trains running game, it is the job of the tight ends, along with the tackles, guards and the center to block the running back the way. In passing trains, however, it runs just like the receiver given his pass route in order to offer as a pass receiver and catch the ball or it forms with the other offensive linemen the Pocket ( pocket) for the quarterback and block the defenders. Most of the tight end is before the start of the turn set right next to the Tackle ( hence the name tight end, because he thus close to one of the ends of the offensive line is ), but it can also be moved further outward as a slot receiver or backwards offset act as so-called H -Back. That side of the offense, on the tight end is situated is referred to as strong side, the opposite side as weak. Often, this then determines the allocation of the linebackers or the Strong Safety's the opponent's Defense.

A good tight end should be large and strong, but can still have a certain level of speed and catch very well, as it usually is used for short passes as a pass receiver and therefore does not have much time to prepare for the catching of the ball. The importance of tight ends varies from team to team and from system to system. In some teams the tight end catches more balls than the wide receiver, in others it is rarely - if ever - played. Because of the tight end is not taken directly into man coverage on pass plays down the rule, he often acts as a security option for the quarterback who zupasst him the ball at the last second for a short distance when the wide receiver will closely covered by the Defense and the pressure on the quarterback is too big.

The tight end contributes similarly to the wide receiver a number between 1-49 and 80-99, as the numbers 50-79 are allowed to catch no forward passes.

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