Tignish, Prince Edward Island

Tignish is a small fishing community in western Prince County in the Canadian province of Prince Edward Iceland. It is located about 53 kilometers northwest of the city of Summerside and 95 kilometers northwest of Charlottetown.

Tignish was founded in the late 1790s by nine Acadian families. Later, most of them from Ireland, settled first inhabitants in the nearby smaller Anglo - Tignish ( ' English Tignish '). Most of today's inhabitants of Tignish are either Acadian or Irish descent.

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The fishing industry is the largest employer in Tignish. There are three ports: the Tignish harbor, the Skinner 's Pond harbor and the Seacow Pond harbor. Every summer there is a bluegrass festival.

1999 celebrated the residents of Tignish, the 100th anniversary of Tignish. These included local festivities with Acadian music, local celebrations, carnivals and the production of a local music CD with many voices of residents of Tignish.

Accent and dialect

In Tignish a strongest accents and original dialects in eastern Canada is spoken. He is described as a mixture of English, French and Scots or Scottish English. There are many English words which have a special definition in Tignish. While some English speakers in the surrounding cities such as Alberton and O'Leary have a similar accent as in the Maritime Provinces, the dialect of Tignish is an independent and Foreign incomprehensible.


Approximately 99 % of the population are Christians, others not religious, Hindu faith or Shiks. Almost the entire population of Tignish can speak English. 55 % of the population speaks French. Few speak Hindi, Urdu and Punjab.

Neighboring towns

The following smaller villages are considered part of Tignish due to their proximity:

  • Ascension (3.2 km north-west of Tignish )
  • Skinner 's Pond (8 km north-west )
  • Nail Pond ( 4.8 km north )
  • Anglo Tignish (3.2 km north-east )
  • Seacow Pond (8 km north-east )
  • Norway (9.6 km north-east )
  • Tignish Shore (3.2 km east)
  • Kildare North (6.4 km to the southeast )
  • Greenmount (5,6 km south)
  • St. Felix (3.2 km south)
  • St. Peter and St. Paul (4.8 km south)
  • Harper (3.2 km south-west )
  • Leoville (6,6 km south-west )
  • Petersville (4 km southwest)