( Listen? / I ) Tilburg is a municipality in the Netherlands, North Brabant province. The municipality comprises the city of Tilburg and the villages Udenhout and Berkel- Enschot. The total area of the municipality is 118 km ². The population of the fast-growing town was on 1 January 2013 at 208 470.

Conditions, economy and culture

Tilburg is located in the center of the province, between Breda in the West and 's- Hertogenbosch and Eindhoven in the east. Of these cities lead car and railways and canals for inland navigation to Tilburg.

Tilburg has a diverse industry, including chemical, photo and office supplies (Fuji ), printers and a large slaughterhouse. In the service area of ​​the head office of a bank and two large insurance companies (Inter Polis, CZ Groep ) should be mentioned. There are still many small businesses of all kinds

Tilburg has a university, an important music and several other colleges.


Tilburg grew out no later than the 11th century, about eight small villages, called "herd addressed " in the Brabant dialect. The old village cores are still recognizable in the names of neighborhoods, such as de Heuvel, 't Heike, Korvel, Veldhoven, Broekhoven, Oerle, Hasselt and ' t Goirke. Only in 1809 was awarded by Royal Decree Tilburg city rights.

By 1600, one began at the wool of the many sheep in the wide area in the center of manufactures to process after 1850 in factories. In the early 20th century there were numerous in Tilburg wool and textile factories, in addition to Enschede and Hengelo, the city was one of the most important locations in the Netherlands. For the production process in the textile industry, of human urine was of about 1600-1840 is needed. The Tilburg workers had to keep in clay jars and take them to work to the urine. That brought the Tilburgern a the nickname " Kruikenzeikers " ( Krugpisser ).

The Dutch King William II Tilburg very appreciated. He made it even temporarily to the residence by 1847 had built a palace here. The white building is now part of the Town Hall complex.

In the 20th century other industries replaced the cigar and textile industry. In the 1980s, the unemployment rate even exceeded 20%. The structural change led then but for now still lasting growth of the city. This was accompanied by a change in the city administration, as " Tilburg model " known in the art: a management run as a business.

Since 1993, Tilburg has three high-rise buildings along the railway line to the west and east of the main railway station, which are considered in the Dutch scale as a skyscraper: one is the head office of the insurance inter- polis and the " West Point " residential tower (143 meters high, briefly, he was the tallest skyscraper in the Netherlands), on the other hand added 2006, the residential tower " De Stadsheer " the cityscape.

Since the 1960s, the city was profiled as the "heart of Brabant". With the reforms in the administration changed the slogan to " Tilburg, modern industrial city ." Meanwhile, the slogan is simply from a single-color square with a white "T" in the middle.


  • Dutch Textile Museum (Nederlands Textielmuseum ) with many of the surviving machines, an anchor point of the European Route of Industrial Heritage (ERIH )
  • Museum of stationery, typewriters and office equipment Scryption
  • De Pont Museum voor Hedendaagse Art
  • Beekse Bergen Safari Park, a few south-east in the neighboring municipality Hilvarenbeek
  • Amusement park Efteling north of the city
  • 013, named after the telephone area code of Tilburg, a well-known throughout the Netherlands Centre for Music. Many well-known bands and artistes come here gladly.
  • Cistercian Abbey of Our Lady of Koningshoeven


Tilburg, The Street

Tilburg, church

Udenhout, an earlier City Hall

Udenhout, church: Sint Lambertuskerk


  • The international festival Incubate ( before 2009 ZXZW ) takes place every year in September.
  • Every year in July in Tilburg for about ten days instead of the largest fair in the Netherlands.
  • In September, the Tilburg Ten Miles will take place in the city center, a road race with international participation over ten English miles.
  • In April, found in above-mentioned " 013 " as well as in the neighboring " Het Patronaat " the Roadburn Festival held annually.


Sons and daughters of the town

  • Marijke Amado (born 1954 ), presenter
  • Stef Clement ( b. 1982 ), cyclist
  • Marijn Dekkers ( born 1957 ), manager, CEO of Bayer AG
  • Gerben de Knegt ( born 1975 ), cyclist
  • Henk Krol ( b. 1950 ), politician and journalist
  • Maggie MacNeal ( born 1950 ), singer
  • Jan Pijnenburg (1906-1979), cyclist
  • Jean -Paul van Poppel (born 1962 ), cyclist
  • Richard Rijnvos ( b. 1964 ), composer
  • Jan van Roessel (1925-2011), international footballer
  • Bas Rutten (born 1965 ), martial artist
  • Theo van de Sande (* 1947), Cinematographer
  • Suzie (Martina Carina Peereboom ) (* 1946-2008 ), singer
  • Venix Martin ( b. 1950 ), racing cyclist
  • Gerard Willems ( b. 1946 ), pianist

From Tilburg, the band Krezip, Textures and VOF de art come.