Tillmann Uhrmacher

Tillmann Uhrmacher Rudolf ( born May 14, 1967; † 30 May 2011) was a German DJ, music producer and radio presenter in the field of electronic dance music.


His first musical successes achieved Tillmann Uhrmacher was founded in 1988 as a member of the band Mysterious Art The Omen The first single was equal to a number -one hit in Germany and has over 400,000 copies sold. The song was a total of 29 weeks in the German charts and was the second most successful single of the year. The follow-up single was also in the Top 10, the band performed in 1990 as the opening act for Madonna's Blond Ambition World Tour.

In June 1990, Tillmann Uhrmacher launched the radio show MaxiMal. This was broadcast weekly on Saturday evenings on RPR1. In 1995, the show was moved to Friday night and extended the transmission time. Since 26 January 2001 MaxiMal was broadcast on Fridays sunshine live and no longer RPR1 and remained there without major interruptions until 18 March 2011. On this day moderated Tillmann Uhrmacher his last MaxiMal broadcast. She was at that time the oldest radio show for electronic music in the German radio. In the following months sunshine beamed live from a few MaxiMal shows, however, Tillmann Uhrmacher in these programs had always represented.

In 1994 he received an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records for up to 80 hours of non - permanent moderation. In addition, Tillmann Uhrmacher produced a compilation series MaxiMal In The Mix. Last published the tenth edition in April 2009.

Published in 1999 Tillmann Uhrmacher his first solo single Bassfly. Then he produced together with Mauro Picotto under the pseudonym of lava, the two singles Autumn and Springtime. The 2001 released single On the Run reached # 16 in the UK Singles Chart.

Tillmann Uhrmacher also had appearances on minor and major festivals in the field of electronic music. Since 1999, he had every year at least an appearance on one of the main stages at Nature One and in a few years he had there additional performances on smaller stages, he also moderated from there the live broadcasts for Radio Sunshine Live. A smaller presence at the Nature One 2011 had been planned.

Was told by a watchmaker family on June 8, 2011 that he was found dead in his apartment. As the date of death May 30, 2011 was announced.



With The Mysterious Art

Mauro Picotto under the pseudonym With Lava

  • 2000: Autumn
  • 2001: Spring Time ( Let Yourself Go )


Remixes ( selection)

  • Culture Beat - Got to Get It (1993 )
  • Culture Beat - Anything (1994 )
  • Masterboy - Is This the Love (1994 )
  • Culture Beat - Crying in the Rain ( 1996)
  • Marky Mark - Hey DJ ( 1997)
  • Diving - Pictures of a Gallery (2001)
  • Goldtrix pres. Andrea Brown - It's Love ( Trippin ') ( 2001)
  • CRW feat. Veronika - Like a Cat (2002)
  • Ian Van Dahl - Try ( 2002)
  • Mauro Picotto - Pulsar (2002)
  • The Clergy - The Oboe Song ( 2002)
  • Velvet - China In Your Hands ( 2002)
  • The Space Lovers - Space Lover ( 2002)
  • Rochus - High Noon (2002)
  • Safri Duo feat. Michael McDonald - Sweet Freedom ( 2002)
  • Tomcraft - Loneliness ( 2003)
  • DJ Tatana - Elements of Culture (2004)
  • Nature One Inc. - Live Your Passion ( 2006)
  • Mind Soundscapes - Evangelion (2007)
  • Nature One Inc. - The Thirteenth Country (2007)
  • Members of Mayday - New Euphoria (2007)