Tim Paterson

Tim Paterson ( born 1956 ) is an American entrepreneur and programmer. He has the operating system 86- DOS developed, which was later acquired by Microsoft and became world known as MS -DOS.

While studying at the University of Washington Paterson worked as a technician in a computer shop in Seattle. Paterson graduated with a Bachelor of Science with a grade of magna cum laude in June 1978 provisionally from. Although he continued his studies further, but lost interest and stopped three semesters later on.

In July 1978, Intel introduced the 8086 processor on the market and Paterson began with the development of S-100 bus 8086 boards, which came on the market in November 1979. The only commercial software that existed for this board, was a version of Microsoft BASIC. Without a real operating system, the sale went very slowly.

So Paterson started in April 1980 as an employee of the company Seattle Computer Products with the development of QDOS, later known as 86- DOS to solve this problem. QDOS consisted of 4,000 lines of 8086 assembly code and was compatible with the APIs of popular CP / M operating system. Version 0.10 he set in July 1980 finished in December came the version 00:33 on the market.

At the same time his company, licenses to OEMs for sale began.

Microsoft then bought in 1981 for a lump sum of U.S. $ 50,000 exclusive rights to QDOS. Tim Paterson also changed it to Microsoft.

Paterson worked from May 1981 to April 1982 at Microsoft. After he then once again worked a short time at Seattle Computer Products, he founded his own company, Falcon Technology, which in turn was acquired by Microsoft in 1986.

Paterson then worked from 1986 to 1988 again at Microsoft. After a short pause, he was again at Microsoft from 1990 to 1998, while he was involved among other things, the development of the Visual Basic programming language and Microsoft's own version of Java.

When he 1998 (preliminary) left Microsoft last time, Paterson founded again a software company, Paterson Technology, and also participated in the TV show Battlebots on Comedy Central, competing in the remote-controlled robots against each other and to the "death" struggle.