tin (Newsreader)

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Tin is a text- based newsreader for Unix -based operating systems and was originally written by Iain Lea. It represents a development of Richard " Rich" Skrentas tass from which it was derived in 1991. Since then, the project is continually evolving. tin runs in the command line and is characterized by its ease of use. It is licensed under the BSD license.


This tin runs under Windows, you need Cygwin. Disadvantages are that tin is of limited use under Windows. Either there are pre-built packages are taken from Cygwin (older versions of tin ) or tin itself must be compiled.


For the operating system Mac OS X, there is the possibility of Fink or MacPorts to download tin. Alternatively, you can it from the source code re-compilation.

Operating Systems

Under the following operating systems is tin run:

  • Linux,
  • NetBSD,
  • FreeBSD,
  • KFreeBSD,
  • DragonFly BSD,
  • OpenBSD,
  • BSDi,
  • SunOS, Solaris,
  • IRIX,
  • OSF1, Tru64 UNIX,
  • AIX,
  • HP- UX,
  • Sinix, Reliant,
  • Unicos,
  • UXP / V,
  • SUPER- UX,
  • NEWS - OS,
  • A / UX,
  • Next Step,
  • OpenStep,
  • Rhapsody
  • Darwin,
  • QNX,
  • LynxOS,
  • Haiku,
  • GNU Hurd,
  • DG / UX,
  • SEIUX,
  • EP / IX,
  • System V/88,
  • UP -UX / V,
  • MiNT
  • Cygwin / Windows