Tin Pan Alley (Film)

Tin Pan Alley is an American feature film from 1940, in which Walter Lang directed. In the lead roles in this drama with singing acted Alice Faye, Betty Grable, Jack Oakie and John Payne. The film won an Oscar for " Best Original Score ".

According to information from the 20th Century Fox film plot is based on an unpublished story by Pamela Harris, entitled Life is a song.


New York in 1915 in the Tin Pan Alley, 46th Street and 8th Avenue, where a large part of the U.S. publishers are established: The arena is the former vaudeville artist Harry Calhoun and his partner Skeets Harrigan survival. Their capital base is more than tense, it is to tear thin. Harrigan increases in more or less regular intervals in the boxing ring to raise the rent at all.

Another way out of their financial misery searching, they advertise on the singing sisters Blane. When Katie Blane and Skeets Harrigan fall in love, Katie Harrigan granted a loan to buy a song that will sing the sisters and lead to success. However, stands for Harrigan professional success in the first place and then it gives the song he had promised Katie, the famous singer Nora Bayes. This leads to a rift between the two, so that Harrigan has to increase again in the following years in the boxing ring in order to raise the money for unpaid bills.

Then breaks out of the First World War and also Calhoun and Harrigan be confiscated. Harrigan and Katie first find each other again, as there is a ceasefire. On this day, sisters Blane and Harry Calhoun and Skeets Harrigan are again happily reunited in New York.

Production and background

Filming began in late August 1940. Premiered the film at the November 22, 1940 in New York around.

The censors complained several scenes of the finished film, which they founded in the first place with too revealing costumes. The corresponding scenes were cut out, some of them that have not been permanently deleted are in Hidden Hollywood: Treasures From The to see 20th Century Fox Vaults.

When Tin Pan Alley (English: Blech-/Zinnpfannengasse ) 28th Street between Fifth Avenue and Broadway in Manhattan, New York is called. Here in 1900 and 1930, most U.S. publishers were between resident.


Variety felt that Jackie Oakie as Harry Calhoun offers an outstanding characterization of a vaudeville artist. Alice Fay Katie Blane, who have the greater burden in this Schwesternduo, play their role in high-level and Betty Grable as Lily Blane, put her shapely figure in skimpy and the eye flattering costumes on display. About John Payne as Skeets Harrigan expressed Variety that he go with his serious portrayal attention to themselves and convince even the romantic scenes.

The critic of the New York Times, Bosley Crowther said, the film offers popular entertainment because he aufwarte with verve and a nifty setup by the director. In addition was the song, America, I Love You, ' a very rousing melody, even if one could forget the lyrics. Crowther praised the fact that the authors have created space for cleverly arranged songs like ' Moonlight Bay ', ' Goodbye Broadway ', ' Hello France ' or ' KKK - Katy '. , Tin Pan Alley was ' created from familiar material, but still understand the film to entertain and amuse. A good show.


At the Academy Awards in 1941 Alfred Newman won the Oscar for " Best Original Score " for the film Tin Pan Alley. It was his first Oscar of nine.