Tiny (car)

Tiny was a British car brand. 1913-1915 by Nanson Barker & Company Ltd. was prepared in Esholt (West Yorkshire ).


In 1913, the first model a Cyclecar. The 8 HP had a water-cooled V-2 engine with 964 cc displacement. Had two-seater, 3200 mm long and 1321 mm wide roadster with a soft top with a wheelbase of 2438 mm and a track width of 1118 mm.

1915 dissolved the small car 10 HP and 10/15 HP to 8 HP from. The slightly longer vehicles had the same running gear as its predecessor, but were equipped with four-cylinder in-line engines. The 10 HP had a displacement of 1094 cc, the ³ 10/15, HP 1177 cm.

After the First World War, none of these vehicles was more hung up.