Titus Flavius Sabinus (consul AD 52)

Titus Flavius ​​Sabinus (c. 8 AD, † December 69 AD in Rome ) was a Roman senator, brother of the emperor Vespasian and Titus and Domitian uncle.

Sabinus was a son of the same name and the tenant's control Vespasia Polla. He and his brother were taken as the first in their family to the Senate. Sabinus Vespasian served as legate of a legion in Claudius ' conquest of Britain in 43 and 47 was Suffektkonsul. In the first years of the reign of Nero, he was governor of the province of Moesia.

From 62 until the death of Nero 68 Sabinus was prefect of Rome. Under Nero's successor Galba he lost this office, but received it under the new emperor Otho again. Shortly after the accession to power of Vitellius, the third emperor in the Four Emperors year, Vespasian rose, supported on the eastern legions, to the emperor. Sabinus supported the claim of his brother in Rome, trying to Vitellius to waive the rule. Meanwhile, supporters forced Sabinus but to withdraw to the Capitol, where he was captured after a siege and the end of December 69 was killed.

Sabinus had a same son who was 69 and 72 Suffektkonsul over the years.