Titusville (Florida)

Brevard County


Titusville is a city and also the county seat of Brevard County in the U.S. state of Florida with 43 ​​761 inhabitants ( 2010).

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Titusville is located on the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway on the east coast of Florida, a few miles from the open Atlantic. The city is located about 60 kilometers east of Orlando.


The climate is mild and warm. Statistically, there is however in the summer months, about 40 % rainy days, even if the rain does not last all day. The highest temperatures are from May to October, with up to 33 ° C. The coldest months from December to February with an average of only 12 ° C. Snowfall is almost unknown in the region.


Titusville was founded in 1867, when Confederate Colonel Henry Theodore Titus the shores of the Indian River entered, although the first U.S. Post Office was opened in this area in 1859 what is known as Sand Point (Sand Point) had been known.

In the 1880s and 1890s, the first bank, the fishing industry and the rail link between Titusville and businesses on the north coast were built. In addition, two papers already published. The extension of the railroad from Jacksonville south along the east coast to the railway station of Titusville was built in 1892. In the years that followed it, a water supply network was established, established a fire department, built the second bank, the streets were paved and a sewage system was installed.

Titusville, was hit as almost all the cities in the U.S., take a deep economic depression of the 1930s. Since there were no airports on the east coast between Jacksonville and Miami, in 1927 the Arthur Dunn Airpark set up as an emergency landing for air mail service this time.

The 1950s and until the early 1960s were a period of unchanged growth with significant increases in population. The Space Age had begun and the Kennedy Space Center came the accompanying boom, which brought the first motels, the first apartment building, a hospital, shopping centers, new golf courses and last but not least churches.

Not far from Titusville is the archaeological site of Windover, it is one of the most important archaeological sites in Florida and one of the largest archaeological bog complexes worldwide. In the analyzed only half swamp similar Windover bog the remains of at least 168 bog bodies from the 6th millennium BC have been excavated in 1982. Parts are important for the early history of America finds are shown in Brevard Museum of History and Natural Science in Cocoa, Florida.


In Titusville, there are 74 different churches from 25 different denominations. Among the belonging to a denomination churches the Baptist church is strongest with 18 churches. Furthermore, there are 8 to no denomination belonging churches ( as of 2004).


According to the 2010 census, the then 43 761 inhabitants distributed to 22,729 households. The population density was 794.2 inh. / Km ². 80.8 % of the population were white, 13.5 % African American, 0.5% Native American and 1.4% Asian Americans. 1.3% were members of other ethnic groups and 2.5% in different ethnic groups. 6.5% of the population were Hispanic or Latino.

In 2010, children under the age of 18 and 34.1 % of all households lived in 26.6 % of all households with persons at least 65 years. 61.7 % of households were family households (consisting of married couples with or without offspring or a parent with offspring ). The average size of a household was 2.28 persons and the average family size is 2.84 people.

23.0% of the population were younger than 20 years, 21.9% were 20-39 years old, 28.5% were 40-59 years old and 26.7 % were at least 60 years old. The median age was 44 years. 48.1 % of the population were male and 51.9 % female.

The average annual income was $ 44,148, while 13.9 % of the population lived below the poverty line.

In 2000, English was the mother tongue of 94.29 % of the population spoke Spanish 3.09% and 2.62% had a different mother tongue.

Economy and infrastructure

The main employment sectors are: education, health and social services: (17.6%), trade / retail ( 12.3%), the city administration: (11.4%), Arts, entertainment, food, restaurants ( 10.7 %).


  • Apollo Elementary School ( approximately 975 students)
  • Oakpark Elementary School ( 880 students)
  • Coquina Elementary School ( 500 students)
  • James Madison Middle School ( 830 students)
  • Andrew Jackson Middle School ( 660 students)
  • Titusville High School (approx. 2,250 students)
  • Astronaut High School (approx. 1,650 students)


  • Parrish Medical Center
  • Wuesthoff Hospital in Rockledge Mewmorial
  • Cape Canaveral Hospital in Cocoa Beach
  • Bert Fish Medical Center in New Smyrna Beach


Titusville can be reached either by sea, land and air. Through the urban area lead Interstate 95, U.S. Highway 1 and Florida State Roads 50, 405, 406 and 407 The city is approached by the Fernbusunternehmen Greyhound Lines. By plane Titusville can be reached via the Space Coast Regional Airport, the Nasa Shuttle Landing Facility Airport, the Cape Canaveral AFS Skid Strip, the Arthur Dunn Airpark, the Merrit Iceland Airport and the Massey Ranch Airpark.


In Titusville, the Space Museum Astronaut Hall of Fame is on display, in which only the most famous astronauts are a member. There are various artifacts of the space to visit, such as the original spacesuit Virgil Grissom.

Parks and sports facilities

There is a wide range of various city parks as well as several sports facilities and playing fields and facilities for camping and barbecues.


The crime rate in 2010 was 362 points ( U.S. average: 266 points ) within the average range. There was a murder, 19 rapes, 80 robberies, 250 injuries, 361 burglaries, 1,030 thefts, 95 car thefts and seven arsons.