Tivoli Gardens


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The Tivoli in the city center of Copenhagen is a world-renowned amusement and recreation park. The flower- beds and fountains complex is located between the City Hall Square and the Central Station.


King Christian VIII had the former military area along the city wall, which was part of the green corridor of the Copenhagen fortifications later, the officer and publisher Georg Carstensen - leave for a Theme Park ( 1812 1857). It was opened on August 15 in 1843 and is thus one of the oldest existing amusement parks around the world. The original name Kjøbenhavns Tivoli og Vauxhall referred to the Jardin de Tivoli in Paris and London's Vauxhall Gardens. Ultimately, there was only the derived from the Italian city of Tivoli name.

The founder, Georg Carstensen stood at the head of the corporation only a few years. In it, the operator could make the individual attractions their influence. The Tivoli remained open during the Second World War and the resulting blackout rules. The continuous development of the theme park was interrupted by an explosive action of the German occupation on June 24 and 25, 1944, which led to a major fire. The Tivoli, where jazz music was played and artists such as Louis Armstrong had occurred, was the Nazi regime as a hotbed of cultural resistance. The Danish July 1944 strike was a protest against the destruction of Tivoli. Nevertheless, the Amüsierbetrieb was resumed after a short break.

First, the operating company had leased the land from the city of Copenhagen. In 1992, she became the owner of the property. Since 1996, directs Lars Lovest the amusement park. Under his direction, there were conflicts between more nostalgic tuned regulars at the theme parks on the one hand and advocates of profit -enhancing modernization on the other. So the union protested, " Friends of the Tivoli " ( Tivoli Venner ) violently against the plans, the so-called Anderson Castle tear on HC Andersen Boulevard and replace it with a high-rise hotel. Contradiction also provoked the plan to accommodate a three-story shopping center on the park grounds. Was added Positive setting up its own wind turbine to supply energy.


The park offers many attractions. These include roller coasters, rides, cabaret and pantomime theater as well as the 80 -meter-high chain carousel Star Flyer, which was valid until 2010 as the world's tallest swing ride. There are a total of 37 different restaurants and 23 amusement rides. At the Tivoli Lake is a Chinese pagoda. After dark, the park is illuminated colorful.

In the central area plans, see during the regular season concerts Danish and international musicians and other entertainers.

Roller coasters

  • Daemons ( floorless coaster )
  • Juleekspressen ( powered family coaster ) - only for winter opening
  • Caravans ( family coaster )
  • Odin Ekspressen (Powered Coaster)
  • Rutschebanen ( wooden roller coaster from 1914 )

Opening times

The park is open from mid-April to late September. Since the year 2005 with the " July i Tivoli " ( Christmas in Tivoli) is a Christmas market held to the open all the rides. In addition, in the Danish autumn holiday a Halloween festival is celebrated.

Number of

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