Tiziano Ferro

Tiziano Ferro ( born February 21, 1980 in Latina ) is an Italian pop singer.

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Life and career

The beginnings

Ferro's first experiences with the music include seven years of classical guitar, a year on drums and two years with the piano. At the age of 16, he joined the gospel choir of Latina, which allowed him to hone his talent and enthusiasm for the style of black music. The choir let him find his love for this music that should appear later on in many of his songs.

In the period from 1996 to 1997 he attended a course for film dubbing and worked as a speaker at a few local radio stations of his city.

In the two years that followed, he enrolled in the traditional music festival of San Remo: In 1997, he did not yet exist as a 17 -year-old the hurdle of the first week. But he was in 1998 among the 12 finalists in the category Newcomer. The appearance in Sanremo caught the attention of producer Alberto Salemo and Mara Majonchi who offered him to work with him. His songs have been modified by various composers and arrangers over again until Michele Canova joined the band to finally translate the boy from Latina ideas in the sound you want. While the songs and styles began to form, accompanied Tiziano Ferro 1999, the Italian hip- hop band Sottotono as a background singer for her tour. In the same year he makes on the scientific grammar school in Latina graduated from high school with top marks. In 2000 he enrolled at the Technical Faculty in the University of Rome and visited the following year, the Faculty of Communication Sciences.

The first successes

In the spring of 2001, he signed a contract with the record label EMI and released his first single Xdono (outside Italy: Perdono ), which quickly climbed the charts up until they reached the top in Italy and there of as one of the earwigs year consolidated.

In the following October his debut album Rosso Relativo came out. The critics, who had not yet stamped on the release of Perdono Ferro as a singer for the teens, fell silent after the publication of the debut album quickly. Ferro said in an interview that this superficial assessment had often annoyed him, because the first album contained very deep and meaningful songs, such as L' Olimpiade and May nata acting among others, the personal self-esteem, which is an important issue for Tiziano.

While in 2002, the national radio stations often played the new single Imbranato, Perdono was released throughout Europe. In summer 2002, Ferro was finally awarded at the Festivalbar, the Italian awards for the musical top acts, Newcomer of the Year. His first work, Rosso Relativo he translated into Spanish and ended up with it in the Latin American and Spain a great success.

The final breakthrough

On 7 November 2003 Tiziano Ferro released his second album, 111 ( in Germany in the tender form Centoundici published). With this album, he admitted on the image of the singer for the teens of the world and has now been recognized by his fiercest critics. The album was dedicated to milestones from the entire youth of the singer. From the album numerous singles were released, including Xverso ( in Rest of Europe: Perverso ), the hit Sere Nere (also part of the soundtrack of the Italian award-winning cult film Tre metri sopra il cielo ), Ti voglio bene (a kind of letter written by Tiziano beyond the end of friendship with his best friend ) and Non me lo so spiegare ( catchy tune of spring 2004).

The subsequent tour 111% gained a surprising success with the public with full stadiums and sports halls throughout Italy. His tour also took him to Germany, where he performed at the SWR3 New Pop Festival at the DaimlerChrysler plant in Rastatt and there also wowed the predominantly Italian, but also German fans. In the summer of 2004 he gave a duet in the song Universal Prayer, the official anthem of the Olympic Games in Athens, with Jamelia. From then on, Tiziano took an artistic hiatus. In 2005, he dubbed the role of Oscar in the film Shark Tale - Small fish. Since 2005, Ferro lives in London.

Nessuno è solo

Even before the release of the single Stop! Dimentica, which reached the top of the Italian charts immediately came on 23 June 2006 after nearly three years of break out the album Nessuno è solo. It held for a month number one in the Italian charts and a top 5 place for half a year - so it dominated the music in Italy the summer of 2006, the album captured henceforth as the European and South American charts.. The second decoupled from the album Single Ed ero contentissimo ( accompanied by a shot in Barcelona video clip) became a great success.

In January 2007, launched in Ancona under the motto Nessuno è solo his second tour, which should be drawn within a year through various Italian cities. This new tour, which was sold out in all places within a short time, also included the important concert in Rome, where he surprisingly gave a duet with Italian singer and media phenomenon Raffaella Carrà, to whom he dedicated a song on his latest album: E Raffaella è mia.

Tiziano Ferro also be heard on the albums Le tape si sciolgono the Italian singer Luca Carboni and on Io canto by Laura Pausini. He took the end of 2006 also participating in the Christmas concert in the Vatican and entered with great applause of the jury present and the audience as a guest singer (but without participating in the competition ) at the Sanremo Festival in 2007. Another highlight of his career is also a guest appearance in the final of the media courted Miss Italia - election in September 2006.


In May 2006, Tiziano Ferro attends the show Che tempo che fa by Fabio Fazio and to a question about the 44 countries in which his album Nessuno è solo is published, it is to be understood: " I wanted to learn Spanish, not always the to repeat common phrases ... for example, one should not go to Mexico and say that the Mexicans are the most beautiful women in the world: They are very fat and have mustaches ... ". The statements of ferro spread not only in Italy but just cause in South America and Mexico fierce disputes and reviews. Some associations of Mexican musicians decide that it Tiziano should not longer be permitted, his records sell in their country. Ferro stated initially that he made an already prepared gag at Radio Deejay he says, however, that " these Mexicans get excited for every little thing ." Eventually, however, he admits his mistake and asks the Mexican television to apologize because he had realized that he had been " like a fool " section. In order to reconcile himself with the Mexicans, he depilated in a known broadcast on Mexican television a leg. The scene is also sent in Italy, distributed equally over the Internet in other countries. After all, the matter seems to be removed from the world today. The album Nessuno è solo has sold in Mexico many times and the tour dates in Mexico are without quarrels long since sold out.

In the year 2006 show different pages on the internet that the song Stop! Dimentica is very similar to the Title One Word Kelly Osbourne. For his part, used Osbournes version elements from the old hit Fade to gray Visage of the group who had to give their permission for use by Osbourne, to avoid disputes. The same permission Tiziano Ferro had, however, also brought, where he has also stated that Stop! Dimentica is a clear homage to Fade to gray, one of the favorite songs of the singer.

Also accompanying the release of the single " Perdono " many more than just a similarity between the choruses of Perdono and Did you ever think the American musician R. Kelly had noticed on the album R.

Alla Mia Età

On 7 November 2008 Ferro Alla Mia Età fourth album was released in Italy on 13 March 2009 in Germany. The album was on October 3, preceded by the homonymous single, which instantly reached number one on the Italian charts. This was followed by four more singles in Italy. In the international area, the English version of the third single from the album Indietro, Breathe Gentle, was a duet with singer Kelly Rowland released. Alla Mia Età was the best selling album in Italy in 2009. Early 2010 took Tiziano Ferro Each Tear the duet with singer Mary J. Blige on, which in turn reached number one in Italy.

L' amore è una cosa semplice

The L' amore è una fifth album cosa semplice has been released on November 28th in Italy, the first single La differenza tra me e te appeared on October 14 and reached # 2 on the Italian charts. With release of the album the title song L' amore è una cosa semplice rose to number 8 without being released as a single. The tour started on April 10 in Turin.

In German-speaking countries, the album will be released on May 25, 2012; the first single, L' amore è una cosa semplice / love is easy, Ferro sings along with Cassandra Steen and appeared on 13 April 2012.

Find out more

Tiziano Ferro participated in the television show Sara Banda in part, presented by Enrico Papi when he was not famous and was especially noticeable by his obesity. At that time he already expressed his desire to become a singer, but Papi led him to eliminate him his supposed arrogance, partly ridiculous to say during an episode of the show almost to it, " out of thee shall be nothing ."

Tiziano is fluent in Italian, English and Spanish. He lives in London and Latina alternately.


In October 2010, Tiziano Ferro published the book Trent'anni e una chiacchierata con papà ( "Thirty Years and a conversation with my father " ) to which an interview to Vanity Fair and La Repubblica preceded in which he outs himself as a homosexual. The book was written from the diary of the singer from 1995 to 2010.


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