Tuya was the wife Jujas, a high-ranking Egyptian official and the father of the King ( Pharaoh) Amenhotep III ..

Family and Title

Their daughter, Tiye was the " Great Royal Wife" of Amenhotep III. and mother of Akhenaten. Aanen, one of the sons, was the " second priest of Amun ".

Tuya account inter alia the title " King of Jewelry ", " Great of the Harem of Amun ", " Great of the Harem of Min" and " Singer of Amun ". However, their most important name was " Queen Mother of the Great Royal Wife ".

Grave system

Tujas and Jujas grave ( KV46 ) is located in the Valley of the Kings and was discovered in 1905 by James Edward Quibell. Your funeral is one of the few individuals of the valley, which was usually reserved as a burial place for kings. This privilege is probably due to the rank and influence of their daughter Tiye. The grave was only partially deprived. So there were, among others, the partly gilded coffins of the couple, numerous furniture as well as the Book of the Dead of the two. The discoveries are mostly exhibited in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.