TKH Toruń

TKSZ Toruń ( Torunski club Sportów Zimowych ) ( 1931-1935 ) KS KPW Pomorzanin Toruń ( 1935-1939 ) PPS Pomorzanin Toruń (1939-1945) KS Stal Toruń (1955-1977) Pomorzanin KS Toruń (1945-1990) TOWIMOR Toruń (1988-1994) TTH Metron Toruń (1994-1997) TTH Toruń (1995-1997) Filmar Toruń (1998-1999) MKSHnL Toruń ( Międzyszkolny club Sportowy Hokeja na Łodzie ) ( 1999-2000) TKH Toruń (2001-2002) TKH Toruń Eurostal (2002-2003) TKH Nesta Toruń (2003-2004) ThyssenKrupp TKH Toruń Energostal (2004-2008) TKH Nesta Toruń (2008-2010) KS Toruń HSA ( Hokejowa Spółka Akcyjna ) (since 2010) KS Nesta Toruń Karawela HSA ( 2012)

The club Sportowy Toruń HSA is a Polish ice hockey club from Toruń ( Thorn German ) that since 2013, the second highest Polish league, the I league, belongs.


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TKH Toruń

MKS Sokoły Toruń

TKH Toruń

The Hockey Club TKS Toruń closed in 1945 the KS Toruń Pomorzanin to. In the time when KS Pomorzanin the team reached the third place in the Polish Championship in 1950, 1967 and 1969. The biggest success was the runner-up title in 1968 Five players of the club took part in the Olympic Games. Tadeusz Tulidziński in Oslo in 1952 Józef Stefaniak, Józef Andrzej Wisniewski and Żurawski in Innsbruck in 1964, Ludwik Czachowski in Sapporo in 1972.

In 1990 the Ice Hockey Division made ​​under the name TOWIMOR Toruń independent again in 2001 and took the name of TKH Toruń. Due to changing main sponsors of the club, the name changed frequently in the 1990s and 2000s. After the descent of the association in the first league in 2010 the TKH Toruń was dissolved and established on the basis of the local hockey school MKS Sokoły Toruń succession KS Toruń HSA. This increased in 2011 already back in the Playoff Final, but had to retire from the game in the fall of 2012 after 14 games of the season 2012/13. Since the 2013/14 season of KS Toruń plays in the I league, the second highest Polish league.


  • Polish Hockey League: 2nd place 1968, 3rd place in 1928, 1950, 1967, 1969, 1996
  • Polish Hockey Cup: Cup winner in 2006 Cup Finalist 2004

Season statistics

Key to the season statistics: ( GP or Sp = Total Games; W or W = Wins, L or N = Losses, T or D = Draw, OL or ON = Overtime defeat; SOL or SON shootout defeat, P = points; Pct % = wins % GF or T = gates; GA or GT = goals against)