Tkinter is a wrapper of the Tk toolkit for the Python programming language. The name is an abbreviation for Tk interface. Tkinter was the first GUI toolkit for Python, which is why there are now also belongs to its delivery.


By Tkinter it is possible with Python to create programs with a graphical user interface. These programs and GUIs can be used under Linux, Windows and Mac OS.

Meanwhile, there are several alternatives, which include, among others, wxPython, PyQt, and PySide, PyGTK, and Kivy PyFLTK.

Hello World

A simple hello world program in Python 2.7 with Tkinter:

# Example ( Hello, World ): import Tkinter   tk = Tkinter.Tk () frame = Tkinter.Frame (tk, relief = " ridge", border width = 2) frame.pack ( fill = "both", expand = 1) label = Tkinter.Label (frame, text = "Hello World !") label.pack ( expand = 1) button = Tkinter.Button (frame, text = "OK" command = tk.destroy ) button.pack (side = "bottom " )   Tk.mainloop () Web Links

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