Tkuma (political party)

Tkuma (Hebrew: תקומה, German: Rebirth ) is a nationalist party in Israel.


Tkuma was founded in 1998, as Chanan Porat and Zvi Hendel left the National Religious Party. First, the party was Emunim (Hebrew: אמונים, trust ) called, but was later given the name Tkuma. Together with Moledet (German homeland) and Herut - HaTnu'a HaLeumit (German Herut - The National Movement ), they formed the National Union, which received four seats in the Israeli parliament elections in 1999. The Israeli parliament elections in 2003 Jisra'el Beiteinu joined the National Union, which mandates an additional 7 were acquired. The party was included in Ariel Sharon's coalition of Likud, Shinui, the National Religious Party and Jisra'el ba - Aliya.