Tkvarcheli district

The Rajon Tkuartschal (also Rajon Tkvarcheli; Abkhaz Тҟәарчал араион; Russian Ткварчельский район; Georgian ტყვარჩელის რაიონი ) is one of the eight administrative units of the internationally recognized Republic of Abkhazia by only a few states. It is located in the east of the country, on the border with Georgia and is the only Rajon Abkhazia, which is not bordering the Black Sea. The capital is Tqwartscheli ( Tkuartschal ). The population in 2011 was about 16,000, of which the majority ( 62.4 %) are ethnic Georgians and Mingrelians. There is also a large Abkhazian minority ( 32%), as well as numerous Russians (3.35 %) and members of other ethnic groups.

In contrast to most other Rajonen the country Rajon Tkuartschal existed within its boundaries solely within the administrative structures of Abkhazia. According to the Georgian point of view, the area between the municipalities Otschamtschire and Gali splits.