TNT (disambiguation)

TNT stands for:

  • Trinitrotoluene, an explosive
  • Troponin T as a diagnostic marker in the human medicine, for the detection of myocardial infarction
  • Tunneling nanotubes, thin membrane channels with a diameter in the nanometer range in animal cells
  • TNT ( companies) ( Thomas Nationwide Transport ), a company incorporated in Australia international courier and logistics companies
  • TNT ( band ) ( Tell No Tales ), a Norwegian hard rock band
  • Télévision numérique terrestre, the French name for DVB -T ( Digital Video Broadcasting - Terrestrial)
  • The Northcyprus Times, an online newspaper
  • Template Numerical Toolkit, a program library of the National Institute of Standards and Technology
  • The Neanderthal tools, an EU project ( " Virtual Anthropology" ) in the discovery of the Neanderthal
  • Tornado Naked Tre, a motorcycle without fairing set by the manufacturer Benelli
  • T.N.T. ( Album ), an album by the hard rock band AC / DC and its title track
  • TNT (film), an American action film of 1997
  • Turner Network Television, an American TV station
  • TNT ( Russia), a Russian TV channel
  • TNT Airways, a Dutch airline
  • Tuesday Night Titans, a talk show in the WWF - style
  • TNT (perfume), a perfume of Mäurer & Wirtz
  • TNT ( album ), an album by the hip- hop group Dynamite Deluxe
  • Wing of new technology, advanced wing of the Dornier Alpha Jet aircraft, Dornier 228 and Dornier 328
  • TNT and TNT movie series, two German -language pay- TV channels

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