Tobias Linderoth

Tobias Linderoth January Hakan (* April 21, 1979 in Marseille) is a Swedish football coach. The former midfielder, who made ​​his debut in the Swedish national team in 1999, played in the course of his career in Sweden, Norway, England, Denmark and Turkey.

Linde Roth's childhood

His father Anders Linderoth was also footballer and stood from 1977 to 1980 with Olympique Marseille under contract. In Marseille was born in 1979 Tobias Linderoth.


He received his first professional contract in 1996 with the Swedish first division side IF Elfsborg, the professional team was coached by his father. There he played with Anders Svensson in midfield and was seen as a great talent.

In 1999 he went with his father to Norway Stabæk IF. After the end of the 2001 season in Norway in January 2002 he went to Everton. Here the defensive midfielder managed to finally breakthrough and was nominated in the summer for the World Cup 2002 in the squad of the Swedish national team. The young players completed all four games of Sweden at the World Cup and was considered one of the best players of the team that won the top spot in the difficult preliminary round against England and Argentina. In the second round the team against the surprise team from Senegal difference unhappy after extra time.

In the following season, Tobias Linderoth had to fight back in the team of Everton and the national team, which he finally succeeded and he took 2004 for the second time at a big tournament after a long injury break. In the 2004 European Football Championship in Portugal, he reached for a great first round again the quarter-finals, where Sweden this time even more unfortunate was eliminated in a penalty shootout against the Netherlands.

After the European Championships, he joined the Danish club FC Copenhagen and was able to qualify with the Swedish national team for FIFA World Cup 2006 in Germany. With the club team, he participated in the first editions of the Royal League, which was won against IFK Gothenburg and 2006 against Lillestrøm SK 2005.

Linderoth joined the 2007/08 season to Galatasaray. He signed there for three years. Linderoth made ​​his first goal for Galatasaray in the UEFA Cup game against FC Sion. The preparation for the second half of the season 2007/2008 he was unable to graduate with his team, because he suffered from a complicated hip injury and underwent surgery in the U.S. .. Yet he was able to have denied without another season game, celebrate the Turkish league title at the end of the season and was appointed in spite of the resulting from the breach Fitness residue in the summer of coach Lars Lagerback for the 2008 European Championship in the squad of the national selection. After he had only been sporadically used, his contract was terminated on January 22, 2010 by Galatasaray.

On 3 December 2010 it was announced that Tobias Linderoth, who had officially ended his career as a footballer in November, has joined the coaching staff of the U17 his former club IF Elfsborg. In November 2011, he started on the side of Anders Andersson, Marcus Lantz, Erik Edman and Nils -Eric Johansson in a special course for players with at least five years of professional experience, a coach training at the Swedish Association.


  • Turkish champions: 2008
  • Turkish Super Cup winner: 2008
  • Danish champion: 2006, 2007
  • Royal League: 2005, 2006