Tobias Nath

Tobias Nath ( born May 24, 1979 in Bochum ) is a German actor and voice actor.


1990 moved to Berlin and Nath began his acting career in 1994 in the film Natalie - A Streetcar Named Babystrich, in which he played the Max. In the same year he had his first starring role in a feature film The burning worm. In 1997, you could him in the sequel to the first movie Natalie Natalie 2 - See the hell after Babystrich. The following year, he was seen death on Amrum as schizoid Olaf in the drama and in 2000 he starred as Christopher in the psychological thriller Alibi with. In both films, his character eventually committed suicide.

Also on show he was still in the shop ( 1998), husbands and other liars (1999), grains and Mutt (2002), Crime Scene - Fathers ( 2003), Crime Scene - heart failure (2004) and Alarm for Cobra 11 - The Motorway Police ( 2005). From 2004 to 2006 he played the wizard Gerhard Lessmann in the ZDF detective series Siska. In 2007 he was in the Police 110 - to see repudiation and played in the ARD Comedy Mum works again on the side of Tim Bergmann.

Tobias Nath has also worked as a voice actor. He is among other things the German voice of Joshua Harto in the movie The Dark Knight, Dulé Hill, Psych series and the film Whisper, Darren Criss as Blaine Anderson in Glee, Owain Yeoman in The Mentalist, Zachary Levi in Chuck, Barrett Foa in NCIS: LA, Eddie Redmayne in savage Grace, Unax Ugalde in Love in the time of Cholera, Tate Ellington in Elephant King, Matt Smith, the eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who, Charlie Landers in Aaron Stone and Jack Atlas in Yu -Gi -Oh! 5D's. In addition, Tobias Nath is the station voice of VIVA. He is also the German voice for Ben Wishaw in the role of "Q" in the movie " Skyfall ".

Nath is married to Rubina Kuraoka, which is also active in the dubbing industry.