Tocantins River

Map of the river

Sunset on the Rio Tocantins Palmas

The Rio Tocantins ( German occasionally also written Tokantins ) is an approximately 2450 km long stream in South America. The Tocantins is a water flow of 11,000 m³ / s, the largest purely located in Brazilian territory and power is about 1000 km in order to Lajeado navigable.


The Tocantins rises in the center of the Brazilian state of Goiás about 100 km west of Brasilia on the western slope of the Serra do Cocalzinho ( Serra Geral do Paranã ). From there, it flows mainly north by the states of Goiás, Tocantins, Maranhão and Pará. In its northern middle reaches it forms the border between the states of Tocantins and Maranhão. The Tocantins has an irregular slope with rapids and waterfalls and flows in a generally very little cut into the high plains of the Brazilian shield, often narrow valley. In Goiás he is da Mesa accumulated in the dam Serra. The catchment area of ​​Precambrian rocks dominate. In the south, Paleozoic and Mesozoic rocks are also in the Amazon Basin and towards mainland deposits of the Tertiary. The vegetation is characterized by savannah ( Cerrado ) and to the north by the tropical rain forest.

In São João do Araguaia flows the Rio Tocantins Araguaia to the left. This is the largest tributary exceeds the Tocantins here at length, catchment and water management ( 5,507 m³ / s compared to 4,527 m³ / s of Tocantins ), that is actually the main river. At its last rapids, just before reaching the sea level, the Tocantins is dammed between Marabá and Tucuruí to Tucuruí reservoir. The corresponding hydropower plant on the power rating is the second-largest in Brazil. Further north, the current widens into a broad estuary, which opens into the narrow bay of Rio Pará. South of the island Marajo these changes into the Baía de Marajó, which opens into the South Atlantic. About narrow tidal channels of the Rio Pará also communicates with the mouth of the Amazon in conjunction.

The Rio Tocantins is not how it was managed for a time, a tributary of the Amazon, but a separate power system.

The largest tributaries

  • Rio Maranhão (right)
  • Rio Trairas (right)
  • Rio bagagem (right)
  • Rio Tocantinzinho (right)
  • Rio Preto (right)
  • Cana Brava ( left)
  • Rio Paranã (right)
  • Rio Santo António (left)
  • São Valerio (right)
  • Rio Surobim (right)
  • Rio Crixás (left)
  • Rio Mangues (left)
  • Rio do Sono (right)
  • Rio Manoel Alves Grande ( right)
  • Rio Farinha (right)
  • Rio Araguaia (left)
  • Rio Itacaiunas (left)