Tojice ( German Tojitz ) is a municipality with a population of 90 in the Czech Republic. It is located three kilometers east of Nepomuk on the river Víska and belongs to Okres Plzeň -jih. The land area is 241 hectares.


The place is located in 344 m above sea level. M. in a hillside along a stream on the right bank of the Víska. To the northwest lies below the village of Dvorecký fishpond.

Neighboring towns are Vrčeň in the north, Čmelíny in the east, Mohelnice in the southeast, southwest and Dvorce Třebčice in the west.


The first mention of the Cistercian monastery Pomuk proper place Togicz comes from 1371st After the destruction of the monastery is the village fell to the newly created nobles rule Grünberg, the Emperor Sigismund in 1420 still gave to Bohuslav and Hynko of Swan Mountain. 1464 was the ownership over to Zdenko von Sternberg and to 1726 the Sternberger were the landlords. Then the Martinic sat on Castle Grünberg and 1784 were followed by the Colloredo- Mansfeld.

After the abolition of patrimonial Tojitz 1850 was a separate municipality. 1927 had 243 inhabitants of the village. In 1960, the annexation to Vrčeň and since 1992 Tojice is independent again.

Community structure

For Tojice no districts are reported.


  • Chapel of St. Lawrence on the village green, built in the second half of the 19th century