Tokushima, Tokushima

Tokushima (Japanese徳 岛 市, -shi) is a city and administrative center of the homonymous Tokushima Prefecture on Shikoku island of Japan.

Tokushima in 2003 had about 260,000 inhabitants, in 1903 there had been only just under 68,000 inhabitants.


Tokushima is located south of the mouth of the River Yoshinogawa on the Pacific Ocean. Southwest of the center is the mountain Bizan whose outlook " hundreds of the most beautiful views of Japan " is one of the. The proximity of Honshu, the main Japanese island, there is next to an airport and a ferry terminal.


  • Train: JR Mugi - line
  • JR Kōtoku - line
  • JR Tokushima Line
  • Shikoku Odan - highway
  • National Road 11
  • National Road 28
  • National Road 55
  • National road 192,195,318,438,439


  • Ruins of the castle Tokushima (徳 岛城)

Nationally known is accompanied with traditional music jTanz relocation Awa Odori (阿波 踊り). Awa was before 1871 the name of this prefecture.


Tokushima is characterized primarily industrial, here with the Japanese rice wine (sake) are also cotton textiles, machinery, as well as bamboo and wood products manufactured.


In Tokushima is the public university founded in 1949, and the campus Tokushima Tokushima, founded in 1895 private Bunri University Tokushima.


Tokushima is the home of the football club Tokushima.


  • Saginaw, Michigan, United States
  • Leiria, Portugal
  • Dandong, Liaoning, China

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Kenshiro Abe ( Judo Instructor )
  • Haruna Fukuoka (table tennis player)
  • Shinji Himeno (painter)
  • Unno Juza ( writer )
  • Kenshin Kawakami (baseball player)
  • Mitsuru Maruoka ( football player)
  • Fumi Saimon ( mangaka )
  • Jakucho Setouchi ( Bhikkhuni )
  • Yoshito Sengoku ( politician)
  • Keiko Takemiya ( mangaka )

Adjacent Cities and Towns

  • Komatsushima