Tokyo Electron

Tokyo Electron ( Abbr: TEL, Japanese東京 エレクトロン 株式 会, Tōkyō erekutoron kabushiki - gaisha ) is a Japanese company based in Tokyo.

The company manufactures machines for the semiconductor industry and the manufacture of flat panel displays. In addition, Tokyo Electron is active in the areas of computer networks, distribution of electronic components and ASIC development.

Tokyo Electron was founded on 11 November 1963. Around 10,600 people are employed in the company. The management of the company is Tetsuro Higashi.


On 2 March 2012, Tokyo Electron signed a purchase agreement: Oerlikon Group sold its solar business. Oerlikon Solar is headquartered in Trübsbach ( Switzerland ) and employs 675 people in 8 locations worldwide. Tokyo Electron Limited considers itself to be the world's leading suppliers of equipment for the semiconductor industry and is active in the development, manufacture and sale in diverse product areas.

A merger with the world's biggest supplier for the semiconductor industry, Applied Materials has been announced.