Tokyo Indoor

The ATP indoor tournament in Tokyo ( officially last Seiko Super Tennis ) is a former men's tennis tournament, which was played from 1978 to 1995 in Tokyo, Japan. The game was up last on carpet in the hall. Until 1989 it was part of the Grand Prix Tennis Circuit, and then half a million dollars in prize money also one of the major tournaments of the series. From 1990 it was part of the newly established ATP Tour and was ( with even higher prize money ) to its setting the second highest category tournament, the ATP Championship Series, the Vorgägnerserie the ATP International Series Gold and the ATP World Tour 500

Record winner in the individual is Ivan Lendl, who won the tournament five times. In doubles, the pair Grant Connell / Patrick Galbraith and Victor Amaya / Hank Pfister was the tournament (as well as Sherwood Stewart, but with different partners ) will each win twice and are thus record title holder.

Final results