Tokyo Metro Chiyoda Line

The Chiyoda Line (Japanese千代 田 线, Chiyoda- sen) is a subway line in Tokyo, Japan which is administered by the Tokyo Metro. On maps it appears in dark green. The stops on the Chiyoda Line carry the letter C followed by a number. In planning the line has the number 9

The 21.9 km long route serves the districts ( ku ) Adachi, Arakawa, Bunkyō, Chiyoda, Minato and Shibuya. ( A short tunnel section without station also passes through the district Taitō. ) Between Ayase and Kita- Ayase runs a Zubringerzug; where this section is a further 2.1 km long.

The first section of the route was opened on December 20, 1969 between Kita -Senju and Otemachi. On October 10, 1972, the line was almost finished with the connection to Yoyogi Kōen. A 1 km section between this station and Yoyogi - Uehara, however, was not completed until March 31, 1978. The branch line to Kita - Ayase was opened on 20 December 1979.

Züger the Chiyoda Line operate alternately with the JR Joban line from the station Ayase and together with the Odawara Line from Yoyogi - Uehara. The JR express trains originate from the railcar number 203 and are specially designed for the Chiyoda Line.

Since 15 May 2006 between Toride on the Joban Line and Yoyogi Uehara used in the early morning special cars for women only.