Tolo TV

Tolo TV (Persian تلویزیون طلوع, lit. " Sunrise " ) is the name of an Afghan television station. The transmitter transmits nationwide news and general entertainment programs. The owner is the family Mohseni. Saad Mohseni and his three siblings are all Australian entrepreneurs with roots in Afghanistan. Tolo TV was launched in October 2004 as the first commercial television station in Afghanistan and is now the leading Afghan private TV channel.

This was recently confirmed by an independent study. Thus, Tolo TV has a market share of 45 % in Afghanistan, followed by Ariana Television with 18%.

Tolo TV was started in 2004 with some hardware support from USAID. Since then, no other form of assistance has been provided. Tolo TV has a complete TV production of its sister company Kabooraübertragen that provides the information contained in the family of channels for all transmitters. The previous to the start in July 2010 24 -hour news channel Tolonews delivers to all news and political broadcasts.

Tolo TV has now produced some internationally known formats. So is just the sixth season of Afghan Star (similar to " Germany seeks the superstar " ) radiated and provides for the launch six years ago for enormous resonance within the country. Voting is exclusively via SMS. Since almost half of Afghan has a cell phone with a prepaid system, thousands of Afghans participate according to the company at the polls.

In addition, Tolo TV produces since 2007 the TV series Rāẓhāye in Hana ( راز های این خانه, lit. "Secrets of this house "). This is broadcast weekly and was the first and only series that was produced in Afghanistan. She was honored at the 2009 Sundance Festival with a special price. Meanwhile Tolo has other series such as Eagle 4 ( an Afghan series about a police detail, shot in documentary style) and Beshte Khomush produced and emitted in Afghanistan. With the show Deal or No Deal first international game show format in Afghanistan has arrived.

With the worldwide exclusive transmission of the concert of the Afghan pop star Farhad Darya in Mazar e-Sharif in the context of Tolo TV Eid program on November 17, 2010, a pure woman concert has been produced in Afghanistan for the first time. According to the broadcaster 18,000 women and girls came to the pop concert and danced omitted before the huge flown in from Germany concert stage.