Toluca Lake, Los Angeles

Toluca Lake is a district in the San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles, California, twelve mile north of downtown. Toluca Lake was once farmland, but has a growing population and is celebrities live.


Toluca Lake is located in the southeastern San Fernando Valley between the town of Burbank and North Hollywood, a suburb of Los Angeles, as well as the unincorporated area of ​​Universal City. It lies between the film studios of Universal in the south and Warner Bros. to the east.

The municipality in which 16 978 inhabitants, has the zip code 91602 and is part of the area code 818 The local time is Pacific Standard Time and is eight hours after the Coordinated Universal Time. During the validity of the DST, the time difference is seven hours. Toluca Lake is part of the Los Angeles Unified School District.

The geographical coordinates of the district are denominated 34 ° 9 ' N, 118 ° 22' W34.15 - 118.36Koordinaten: 34 ° 9 ' N, 118 ° 22' W.

Originally Toluca Lake was limited by Cahuenga Boulevard, Camarillo Street, Clybourne Avenue and the Los Angeles River. In 1939, more areas were included. Will surround the District of the Santa Monica Mountains.

The lake

The approximately 2.4 -acre eponymous Toluca Lake is located on the southeastern edge. The waters had originally natural sources, but today there are pumps that keep the water level at his level. The bottom of the lake is sealed with a ten -inch thick asphalt layer (four inches of asphalt concrete ) to prevent water seepage. The lake belongs to the owners of the adjoining Lake Land ( residential houses and a golf club ) and will be administered by the Toluca Lake Property Owners Association, a non-profit organization founded in 1934.


1893 petition to the U.S. Postal Service has been introduced to designate the first post office of the area " Toluca Post Office ". General Charles Forman, a wealthy of local landowners and one of the supporters of the input, later declared that he chose the name " Toluca " after a Paiute word meaning " fertile " or " beautiful " valley. Although it was part of a larger area called the traditional after a Colonel of the same name " Lankershim " was - the station of the Southern Pacific Railroad and also the post office over 1893 opened bear this name - called Forman his own ranch and the surrounding land " Toluca ".

The development of the village is closely linked to the biography of General Forman. He started as a laborer and later became ranchers and finally wood entrepreneur. He founded in the late 1880s, the Kern River Company, a power plant company that produced the core River and provided electricity to Los Angeles. His former estate comprised much of today's Toluca Lake and the western part of the old and historic marshland lake, which is now called Toluca Lake.

The Forman Toluca Lake Ranch had developed into a thriving producer of peaches, apples and walnuts. In 1923, bought and developed the land investors as " Toluca Lake Park ". The first approach failed, but a new group of investors took over the company and renamed it "The Toluca Lake Company". The company soon changed its name to the simpler " Toluca Lake " and designed a coat of arms, on which a swan resting on wavy water.

The name of Lankershim was drawn for the city into consideration. Colonel JB Lankershim established the city of Toluca at the eastern edge of his vast family estate in 1888. During the late 1890s the town name Lankershim had replaced the name of Toluca. To 1927, the lure Hollywood inspired local merchants to encourage a campaign to change the community name in North Hollywood. The original city of Toluca is now part of Toluca Lake.

The aviatrix Amelia Earhart lived in Toluca Lake in the Valley Spring Lane, after she had married the flamboyant publishing magnate George Palmer Putnam, 1931. The building in the Spanish Kolonialstyl that still exists today, has a tree in the front yard under which they signed to the world the plan for their flight. They settled in Toluca Lake, because the best aircraft in the world designed and built close to the Lockheed factory in Burbank. Entertainer Bob Hope moved in the late 1930s to Toluca Lake and lived there until his death in 2003 at the age of 100 years. 1945 Frank Sinatra and his family moved into a house in Toluca Lake and spent their weekends at their Lone Palm Hotel in Palm Springs. The house was a little further down the road, had lived in the Earhart. Ronald Reagan, a former actor and later the 40th President of the United States, held on March 4, 1952 at the home of his actresses Kollegens William Holden, who was also his best man, marriage to his second wife Nancy Reagan.


Toluca Lake is represented in the Los Angeles City Council by Tom LaBonge. NBC 4 weather forecaster Fritz Coleman is the honorary mayor of Toluca Lake.

Toluca Lake homeowner groups have recently begun to mobilize against a proposed expansion of North Hollywood by NBC Universal and Thomas Properties Group. Their Metro Studio project covers more than 93,000 sqm land area and would cause many employees would have to leave the location of NBC in Burbank. The project also includes a high-resolution, digital display board, as it is also located in Times Square. You would be partly built on land, has taken a lease agreement with the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority for the NBC Universal. Because of the current recession, there are signs that the project could be postponed to the indefinite future. The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has yet to respond to the proposal and the environmental impact assessment is not yet complete.

Landmarks and distinctive places

Founded in 1949, Bob 's Big Boy Restaurant of Burbank is the oldest restaurant of this chain in America and is classified as a Californian point of historical interest. It is located just beyond the boundaries of Toluca Lake and is therefore often referred to as accidentally located there. Toluca Lake 1958 was also home of the first IHOP restaurants, although there are now no branch there.

The local Catholic Church, Saint Charles Borromeo, is visited by some celebrities and has hosted some celebrity weddings and funerals, including the funeral of Bob Hope and Dorothy Lamour. Choir director Paul Salamunovich was the former head of the Los Angeles Master Chorale. Some condos and apartment residential complexes located on Riverside Drive and at Moor Park Way. The condo complex was built there at 10470 Riverside Drive in 1974.

Famous People in Toluca Lake