Tom James

Tom James ( born March 11, 1984 in Cardiff ) is a British rower who won the 2008 and 2012 Olympic gold in the coxless four.

James won the 2001 in the aft bronze at the Junior World Championships, in 2002, he won four silver without. In 2003 he made ​​his first appearance in the British national team and rode the roller is equal to world championship bronze. At the 2004 Olympic Games Tom James was also included in the eighth, but had to skip the semi-finals due to illness; in the B-final then came the boat with James to third place, thus totaling drove the boat onto the ninth.

2006 Tom James qualified along with Colin Smith by a second place at the World Cup in Lucerne for the world championships, where the two occupied the sixth place in the coxless pairs. 2007 Tom James reached with the British Eighth third place at the World Championships in Munich. 2008 Tom James met with Andrew Triggs Hodge, Steve Williams and Peter Reed in the coxless four to, after a hard fight with the Australian boat the British won just under the gold medal. After two years without a World Cup start Tom James returned in 2011 and won with Richard Egington, Matt Langridge, Alex Gregory and two World Cup regattas and the world title. For the Olympic season, the British foursome in 2012 was re- occupied, Alex Gregory, Peter Reed, Tom James and Andrew Triggs Hodge won in the World Cup regattas in Belgrade and Lucerne, at the World Cup final in Munich, the boat took second place behind the Australian foursome. At the Olympic Games in London, the British boat won against the Australians.

Tom James visited since 2002, Trinity Hall, Cambridge, in 2007 he obtained a first degree in engineering. In the years 2003, 2005, 2006 and 2007, he participated at the Cambridge Boat Race. 2007 he succeeded his only victory in this race after he had been with the scarcest defeat in the history of the Boat Race this 2003.