Tom Kummer

Tom Kummer ( born January 14, 1963 in Bern ) is a Swiss journalist who caused a media scandal in 2000 because of fictional interviews.


Tom Kummer worked for several years as a reporter for the magazine Tempo. From 1993 he worked as a Hollywood correspondent for SZ magazine and the Tages-Anzeiger magazine and as a freelance journalist ( for example, for the time, Der Spiegel, NZZ, FAZ, Star, Vogue ). In 1994 he was nominated for his story on the Pulitzer Prize - winner Richard Ford for the Joseph Roth Prize. He describes himself as a representative of " borderline journalism"; published in his 1996 book Good Morning, Los Angeles, he confessed openly. In a 2012 essay, he presented his updated " journalistic idea " as an expression of our postmodern world dar.

In 2000, a press scandal developed when the Focus magazine revealed that grief several interviews with celebrities - including Hollywood stars like Charles Bronson, Brad Pitt or Sharon Stone - not even out, but re-assembled from existing material or had invented. Both editors of the SZ magazine, Ulf Poschardt and Christian Kämmerling were subsequently dismissed. Roger Koeppel, one of the aggrieved purchasers of such interviews, said in 2011 that he can not imagine, " that someone is going so bold. [ ... ] Grief likes to be told afterwards that he sold his pieces with knowledge of the editors in chief as an art form - that is a blatant lie. Finally, he miscalculated for expenses - which were very real and no artistic legacy concept. "

After several years break grief in 2005 was commissioned by the Berliner Zeitung a new chance in the German-language print market. A report delivered by him proved to be of works from two texts, which he had already published in the NZZ and in the SZ magazine. Although it is not uncommon in the industry as already published stories recycle, the Berliner Zeitung broke the cooperation from now on, because the editorial staff was not informed that it was old, already published texts.

2009 he published his report nation without soil on the Super Bowl in the WOZ. This article has been afterwards in The Sunday criticized by journalists Peter Hossli: facts were incorrect passages been exaggerated and twisted. The editors of the WOZ justified himself in a separate article; Hossli again criticized the justification and provided further facts about inconsistencies in sorrow article.

In July 2009 he wrote an article about the phenomenon of Facebook for the German weekly Der Friday. The text was chosen from the website page turner one of the ten best feature texts of 2009 (the " 2009 Golden Mole "). A remake was in 2011 in the April issue of the Swiss cultural magazine you under the title Facebook Revisited - published the fiction of the real.

2010, the documentary Bad Boy Kummer appeared directed by Miklós Gimes, the deputy editor in chief in 1997 at the Tages -Anzeiger magazine. The film opened on October 21, 2010 in Swiss cinemas in Germany on May 5, 2011 According to Gimes grief was for his participation in the film -. Interviews, etc. - indeed paid, but have not been involved in the film making.

2013 appeared in distress story Borderline renowned Swiss magazine reports. The text is appreciated as sorrows comeback story. Since Summer 2013 Kummer writes back regularly for the Swiss weekly newspaper Die Welt week.

He lives with his wife and two children in Los Angeles.

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