Tom Weilandt

Tom Weiland (2013 )

Tom Weiland (* April 27, 1992 in Rostock, after his father, also called " Hille ") is a German footballer who is used as a two-footed attacking players especially in midfield, but also as a striker. His career started in the two-time junior national player of the DFB at Hansa Rostock in the 3rd league and in the 2nd Bundesliga.


Youth in Rostock

Born the son of professional soccer players Hilmar Weiland in Rostock midfielder Tom Weiland first went through the youth departments of the local clubs SV Warnemünde and LSG Elmenhorst. In 2003, Weiland nor in the D of young people in the youth department of FC Hansa Rostock and walked in the footsteps of his father, who played from 1980 to 2002 for the club, among others, in the Bundesliga.

For Rostock played Weiland from 2007 in which was founded the same year U-17 Bundesliga in which he 2007/08, two goals scored in the premiere season in a total of 20 inserts and so contributed to reaching this season fifth in the final table. In the following season 2008/ 09 Weiland was still 23 -fold for Hansa on in the U-17 league, where he contributed six goals for now achieved fourth place. Through its services to Rostock U- 17, Weiland had but can also recommend for the next higher year of the Hanseatic League, for which he still graduated in 2008/ 09, the U-19 Bundesliga three bets.

Below belonged Weiland also age according to the Michael Hartmann managed U- 19 on, in which he 2009/10 the German Football Association drew attention to himself, for the U -18 selection, he in December 2009 under coach Marco Pezzaiuoli two times per Substitutes was used. With 26 completed missions in the U-19 Bundesliga Weiland was doing to the service providers of the Rostock team who first reached the championship of their league season this season and thus qualified for the final round of the German youth championship. In this Weiland denied both the semi-finals against 1 FSV Mainz 05 and the final against Bayer 04 Leverkusen in which Hansa was a 1-0 win for the first time A German Youth Champion.

Starts at Hansa

2010/11 played Weiland, the Christophorusschule Rostock visited at this time, initially continue for Hansas A youth in the U-19 league, but was unable to build on the success of last year under coach Roland Kroos. Nevertheless, Weiland played with good performances in the focus of the professional team that was the first time staying for season 2010/ 11 in the 3rd league so that he has been scheduled by coach Peter Vollmann for the professional team the following season 2011/12. After Rostock had reached the safe re-emergence in the 2nd Bundesliga ahead of schedule, Weiland denied but still on matchday 36 of the third league in the game against the Wehen its first use in a professional league. He then ran again for Rostock A youth, who had also achieved through participation Weilandts the final of the DFB Junior Club Cup 2010/11 - there, the team was defeated, however, the SC Freiburg on penalties.

Signed shortly before the start of the preparation for the second league game of 2011/12 season Weiland his first professional contract with FC Hansa, which was initially dated for two years until 30 June 2013. Although he initially ran aground also isolated for the Rostock reserve team in the Oberliga West, succeeded Weiland then to a fixed part of the Rostock second division team during the first round to be, which was first used in twelve games of the season. In the last of these missions, he played on 15 game against St. Pauli, Weiland was sent off after a few minutes due to an assault from the square and locked for the next three games, and he was returned to his place in Rostock team only in February 2012. Meanwhile, the relegation- threatened club had already replaced after the end of the first round trainer Vollmann by Wolfgang Wolf, under the Weiland now completed twelve rounds back inserts, with him in the game against Dusseldorf beginning of April 2012 also achieved his first goal in the professional sector. Ultimately Hansa rose end of the season but again in the 3rd league, whereupon the same time rising in the Bundesliga Greuther Fürth Weiland tried to oblige. Since the clubs could not agree on a transfer payment, the first change did not materialize.

In the season 2012/13 succeeded Weiland then, at first to play under Wolfgang Wolf, and from the ninth Matchday under his successor Marc Fascher in Rostock root formation, so that he came to a total of 34 missions, scoring seven goals. Instead to the targeted resurgence Hansa played but against a further descent into Viertklassig, which was averted only at the penultimate round. His expiring contract with Hansa did not renew Weiland, who was also being courted by MSV Duisburg and Karlsruher SC, then.

Weiland at Greuther Furth

In June 2013 committed the only recently been relegated from the Bundesliga to the 2nd Bundesliga Greuther Fürth Tom Weiland, who completed a three-year contract with SpVgg. His league debut for Fürth he crowned on July 21, 2013 ( 1st Round ) 2-0 victory at home to Arminia Bielefeld at once with the first goal, the goal for interim 1-0 in the 3rd minute.