Tomasz Wylenzek

Tomasz Wylenzek ( born January 9, 1983 in Świerklaniec, Poland ) is a German canoeist. He was a multiple world champion and 2004 Olympic champion in Athens.

Wylenzek moved in 2000 with his parents from Poland to Germany. He trained as an office clerk at RAG Aktiengesellschaft. The canoe racers KG Food was at the Olympic Games in Athens in 2004 with Christian Gille Olympic champion in pairs Canadians over 1000 m.

In 2008, Gillespie and Wylenzek qualified for participation in the Olympic Games in Beijing, where she reached the final on two routes. About 1000 m they were after they had led the whole race, caught on the finishing line of the boat from Belarus and won the silver medal. Following Wylenzek had a circulatory collapse and was treated medically. Nevertheless Gille / Wylenzek won the following day about 500 m nor the bronze medal. Immediately thereafter Wylenzek was taken in September 2008 in the power sports project of the Federal Police.

Wylenzek was 2005 world champion in the two - Canadians over 1000 m and 500 m, and second in the two - Canadians about 200 m. In 2006 he became vice world champion in two over 200 meters. At the 2007 World Championships on the Wedau in Duisburg, he won the two over 1000 meters, about 500 meters he finished third and 200m runner. The Canoe Racing World Championships 2009 in Dartmouth ( Canada ) he was with his new partner Erik Leue world champion in two - Canadians over 1000 m. The Canoe Racing World Championships 2011, he took over the same distance again the title, this time with Stefan Holtz. At the World Championships 2010 he had also won the four-man canoe the bronze medal over 1000 m.

At the European Championships he won in a two - Canadians 2005 on all three distances (1000 m, 500 m and 200 m). The title bouts in 2006 he became vice - European champion in the 1000 meters. At the European Championships in 2007 he also won over 1000 meters.