Tommy Flanagan (actor)

Tommy Flanagan ( born July 3, 1965 in Glasgow, Scotland) is a Scottish actor.


Flanagan has two older and two younger siblings and grew up in difficult circumstances. When he was six years old, his father left the family.

In his youth he worked as a painter, decorator and disc jockey. As he was one evening after hanging home, he was attacked outside the pub, where he worked. The robbers demanded his coat and plates. Tommy refused to disclose the valuables and was stabbed, which he barely survived. In the face disfigured by cuts (see Glasgow Smile), he was discouraged and thought never again be able to live as before. His best friend Robert Carlyle and his wife Caroline suggested him to become an actor. After some hesitation, he then decided to take this step. He went to the Raindog Theatre, where he worked for three years, until he got an offer for the film Braveheart by Mel Gibson. He was able to convince with his performance and was active in other major films such as Gladiator and Sin City with.

Since 2008, Flanagan plays the role of Filip " Chibs " Telford in the U.S. series Sons of Anarchy.

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