Tommy Thayer

Tommy Cunningham Thayer ( born November 7, 1960 in Portland, Oregon ) is an American musician and guitarist, best known as the successor to Ace Frehley as " Spaceman " in the American rock band Kiss as lead guitarist, especially since 2002. He is the son of U.S. Brigadier General A.D. James B. Thayer Sr. and is married to Amber Thayer.


Having already played in several rock bands, Tommy Thayer founded with drummer Jamie St. James, the group "Movie Star", the end of 1981 to Black 'n Blue was. At this time, St. James was already singer of the band; other musicians in the group were Jeff Warner (guitar ), Patrick Young (bass ) and Pete Holmes (drums). Black 'n Blue published 1984-1989 a total of four albums on the label Geffen Records.

As Geffen announced the contract with Black 'n Blue, Thayer left the band. He played in 1990 with " Harlow " ( published an album in " Reprise" ) and "American Man", he was also co-producer and guitarist of the album Doro, Doro Pesch which began under the direction of Gene Simmons in 1990 in Los Angeles. Thayer played in 1991 in the group "The Marx Brothers". Later that year, he was together with St. James member of the Kiss tribute band "Cold Gin ", embodied in the Thayer Ace Frehley and Peter Criss St. James. 1992 came also Spiro Papadatos, the Gene Simmons embodied and was later seen as Simmons ' double in an advertisement to "Cold Gin ".

Also, Kiss became aware of "Cold Gin ," and the group was invited to play at Paul Stanley's birthday party. A little later offered Kiss founding member and bassist Gene Simmons Thommy Thayer on, as his personal assistant, work and Thayer immediately accepted. Thayer was at this time " gofer ", made ​​coffee, went for Stanley and Simmons by the United States in order to book hotels, and venues for the "Kiss Convention Tour ," emphasized Paul Stanley's house etc. Later he worked as a tour manager for Kiss.

As Ace Frehley in 2002 got off at Kiss, Thayer was first choice as a substitute. Simmons and Stanley wanted to keep the classic look of the original cast and selected from Thayer to wear the makeup of the " Spaceman " and accept its stage habit. In March 2002, Thayer played his first show as a member of Kiss for a private party in Jamaica. In April 2002, he appeared in the show for the 50th anniversary of Dick Clark's Bandstand, where he again wore the Spaceman makeup. Since then, Thayer played at the " Kiss Symphony " show in Melbourne, Australia, on a mini tour of Japan, on tour with Aerosmith on the "Rock the Nation " tour in 2004 as well as various individual shows from Kiss, also on the "Kiss Alive / 35 " tour of North America in 2009 and during the tour," Sonic Boom Over Europe " in 2010.

Thayer also worked as a producer for various publications Kiss, among others for the DVD " Kiss - The Second Coming", the Kiss Symphony: Alive IV DVD and the " Kissology " trilogy. In addition, he co-wrote with Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Bruce Kulick & Eric Carr two songs for the album Hot in the Shade and for the album Carnival of Souls, he also wrote a song.

Thayer was founded in 2005 in the "Board of Trustees " of the Pacific University Forest Grove, Oregon, selected .. In July 2007, he hosted the annual " Pacific University Legends Golf Classic" tournament in Portland, Oregon, in which donations for Pacific University Athletics be collected.

In 2008, Thayer brought out its own amplifier series, Hughes & Kettner.


Black 'n Blue


  • 2003: Kiss Symphony: Alive IV
  • 2008: Jigoku - Retsuden
  • 2009: Sonic Boom
  • 2012: Monster