Tonia (singer)

Tonia Mertens ( born July 25, 1947 in Anderlecht; born Arlette Antoine Dominicus ) is a Flemish singer.


Tonia was already a twelve year old for the first time on the stage and later worked as a singer and dancer in the Folies Bergère in Brussels. In 1962, she released her first record, Mon P'tit copain de vacances, in French. In 1965 she performed at the "Coup d'Europe " in Knokke. It was followed by hits such as German Flemish versions Drie musketiers ( Three Musketeers ) or Met 16 per kan nog syndromes ( At 17 we still have dreams ). Her biggest hit this time Geef mij voor mijn verjaardag toch een Beatle / Pour mon anniversaire per voudrais un Beatle, in the original I wish for my birthday a Beatle. In Germany it has been successful with songs like Texas Cowboy Horse Saddle seller ( German Song Contest 1969).

Internationally, it was known when she the Euro Vision Song Contest 1966 represented Belgium with the title Un peu de poivre, un peu de sel, finishing in fourth place. With the song Sebastian, which composes by Horst Jankowski and Carl J. Schäuble was texted, she finished second in the German preliminaries for the competition of 1973 in Luxembourg with only one point behind behind the interpreted by Gitte Post Young day in second place. With this world like I took them at the same Trials also the seventh.

Publications have been increasingly rare in the subsequent years. Your last singles Why do not you call me? and I want to date from the years 1980 and 1982 to Africa. A compilation of her greatest successes was launched in 1990 to market.


Tonia is the daughter of professional racing cyclist Jef Dominicus. Her mother was a revue and operetta singer. Her first husband was the trumpeter Albert Mertens. She is married in second marriage with musician Paul Bourdiaudhy.