Tonny Kessler

Hermann Anton Joseph " Tonny " Kessler ( born April 20, 1889 in The Hague, † February 15, 1960 ) was a Dutch football player.

The attacking midfielder played like his brother and his cousins ​​Dé Boelie and Dolf for the HVV Den Haag. Tonny Kessler made ​​on March 27, 1904 his first game for the HVV, with which he has been 1905 to 1914 four times Dutch champion. Until his last match on 25 March 1923, he scored 131 goals in 328 games for the Hague.

He played in 1907, 1909 and 1913, a total of three caps for the Dutch national football team; All three games were against England Amateurs - the two historic defeats with 2:12 in Darlington and 1:9 at Stamford Bridge, but also the first victory in The Hague. His only goal in Oranje scored Kessler to 1:5 at 1:9 in London.

In addition to his football career, he studied law and graduated as Meester in de right (roughly comparable to the Master of Laws ) from.