Tony Book

Anthony Keith "Tony" Book ( born September 4, 1934 in Bath) is an English former football player and coach. The sporting career of the right-back was unusual in that he had played at the age of 28 years in unterklassigen amateur football before he found his way into the professional game late on Plymouth to Manchester City. With the "Citizens" he won as a team captain in 1968, the English championship, the year after the FA Cup, and in 1970 were, the League Cup and the European Cup Winners' Cup. Added to this was during his subsequent time head coach in Manchester 1974-1979 once again the League Cup (1976).

  • 2.1 as a player
  • 2.2 as coach

Sports career

Playing career

Beginning in unterklassigen football (1955-1964)

Born in the spa town of Bath - located in the county of Somerset - Book was drawn as the son of a soldier at the age of four years, with the whole family, we counted a total of seven boys to India. He grew up there for seven years before the convoy returned to England. In football, he recommended himself about school sport for the youth team of Bath City. Later he played in amateur football for the Miners Peasedown, where he first took up the position of the striker's half there. When he began abzuleisten the military service with the Royal Army Medical Corps in October 1952, he committed himself to the local army team, where he was also retrained to full-back. The performances were promising, but a trial at Chelsea - Books arranged by Sergeant Major - ultimately did not lead to a desired entry into the professional game. Instead, he was hired in January 1956 at his home club Bath City and in the next eight years, his sporting perspective reduced to occasional notable successes in the early rounds of the FA Cup and 1960 winning the championship in the Southern League.

The beginning of a professional career in late 1962 then marked the arrival of Malcolm Allison as the new coach of Bath City. Book was henceforth Allison's companion and as this 1964 briefly supervised in Canada Toronto City, he took to his commitment with Facebook. Although Allison only a short time later returned to England to serve at Plymouth Argyle for the first time an English professional club, Book remained three months in North America. He used there, the opportunities afforded him probation and winning the Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League he succeeded against globally established professional players; time he received the award for best Canadian full-back.

About Plymouth to Manchester City (1964-1973)

In August, followed in 1964 by Allison Book to Plymouth and upon payment of a transfer fee in the amount of 1,500 pounds was inappropriate at the " Pilgrims " at once a fixed size. According to legend, Facebook had a little cheated at the contract signing and the birth certificate presented to be the birth year of 1934 looked like 1936. He made his debut on August 22, 1964 against Coventry City ( 0-2) and in the season 1964/65 he immediately reached the semi-finals of the League Cup. In two years he missed only three second division games and each successful fight against relegation was attributed to a not inconsiderable part of Facebook. Even after Allison had in 1965 accepted a position as assistant to Joe Mercer at Manchester City, Book kept its common position under new coach Derek Ufton. Characteristic of his game was a mostly clean duel leadership and the ability to speak to keep pressure on a " cool head " and to initiate counter attacks.

In the summer of 1966 it was for Facebook to Manchester City, which had risen under Mercer and Allison in the previous 1965/66 season in the premier league. Mercer was the obligation arising from Books footballers advanced age at first dismissive of, but finally convinced Allison to his superiors, not least through a subtle reference to Mercer himself, who was also changed with over 30 years once of Everton to Arsenal. On the first day of the season 1966/67, Mercer debuted at Southampton FC (1:1) and in the subsequent two years, he not only became a regular player, but also as the new captain of the team. He was helped in addition to the intercession of Allison also that he still knew players Mike Summerbee from Southern League times, so neatly integrated into the team and after the departure of Johnny Crossan the captain's role became vacant - "Skip" was then up to the end his players time to Books nickname.

In his first year, he received the Association's internal award for the best players and within four years he won in four important competitions for the title. These included the 1968 British Championship, the year after the FA Cup, and in 1970 were, the League Cup and the European Cup Winners' Cup. On the way to win the English league title, he was missing in any single game; consequently, he was also the decisive 4-3 on the final day at Newcastle United on the pitch, as the competitor and local rivals Manchester United could be maintained in long-distance duel at a distance. In the 1968/69 season Book paused due to a hamstring injury just over six months, and all the more surprising it was for him that he was elected to England's Footballer of the Year - he shared with Dave Mackay Derby County the award. In winning the FA Cup in 1969, he was fit again in time to lead his team in the finals as captain for the 1-0 win over Leicester City. The following year he won within 53 days in the League Cup and a 2-1 playoff victory against Gornik Zabrze in Vienna in the European Cup Winners' Cup competition.

In November 1973, Facebook ended 39 - year his professional career after more than 300 official matches and scored five goals for Manchester City. His new role at the "Citizens" was the wizard next to the new head coach Ron Saunders, where he had filled the vacant interim coach place shortly before Saunders ' commitment.

Coaching career

The club was located according to the Mercer's dismissal in 1971 in troubled waters and after short spells with Allison and Johnny Hart also the era Saunders lasted only a few months. Just over a month after the League Cup Final defeat against Wolverhampton Wanderers (1-2) Saunders was dismissed and Facebook followed him into his office after. From the initial interim solution quickly became a permanent installation and the players - led by Mike Doyle - very popular book formed a new team that missed the league title in 1977 only just one point behind the champions Liverpool FC. Among the new faces that einbaute Book in the team included Joe Royle, Brian Kidd, David Watson, and Asa Hartford. Under Books guide Manchester City returned permanently back in the European club competitions and to his team won in 1976 the domestic League Cup.

When finally in 1979 Malcolm Allison returned to Facebook located under the "first link" in the coaching staff, before a sporty downward spiral made ​​sure that both Allison and book were released in October 1980. Six months later, Facebook was at the invitation of new coach John Bond once again the way to Manchester. First, as the person responsible for youth work and later in another coach functions - including 1989 and 1993 two new interim phases as coach of the senior team - he was the club for a further 16 years faithful. Only Frank Clark released him in 1996 all of its obligations and thus ended Books involvement 30 years after his arrival in Manchester. He remained in the subsequent period when the supporters of Manchester City as "the best captain in club history " in memory and in recognition of his many years of service, he was made an honorary club president.

Title / Awards

As a player

  • European Cup Winners' Cup ( 1): 1970
  • English Championship ( 1): 1968
  • English Cup ( 1): 1969
  • English League Cup ( 1): 1970
  • Charity Shield ( 1): 1972
  • England's Footballer of the Year ( 1): 1969
  • Eastern Canada Professional Soccer League ( 1): 1964

As coach

  • English League Cup ( 1): 1976