Tony Hendrik

Tony Hendrik (Dieter Lünstedt; born March 4, 1945 in Bad Bederkesa ) is a German music producer, composer and owner of a record label.

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Tony Hendrik Five

Tony Hendrik graduated from high school in Rendsburg and initially founded beat band Hendrik & The Luniks that occurred in Hamburg's Star Club. He left his hometown in 1966 to study law in Cologne, where his father was stationed as a professional soldier in Cologne -Wahn. Only two months after his arrival he founded in Cologne The Big Three, which was extended by a man and now Tony Hendrik Four said. The first single Big Boss Man / Early Bird as Tony Hendrik Five was released in 1966. Early Bird was also included on the Sonocord - compilation LP Pop History 1966. In 1967 came their only LP Nightflight on the market that contained an unusual mix of styles of different influences. Your liner notes mention as members Tony Hendrik (guitar / vocals), Eric Folkert (bass guitar), Frieder Reynard (organ), Ron David (drums) and Tim Norvo (saxophone).

Especially in its early years, the band presented as a pure cover band but rather took over unknown foreign compositions. As a next single O Sole Mio appeared / Down by the Riverside ( April 1967 ), followed by Merry- Go-Round / Mistreated Man ( December 1967 ) with brass section. In the weak single There Is A Tavern In The Town with the fantastic B-side I've Said My Say ( Original from the Small Faces ) from April 1968 played alongside Hendrik nor Peter Schild (keyboards), Gerry Fleming ( Gerd Inger flame; Bass Guitar ) and Günther Steinborn (drums). The latter was then replaced by Tommy Engel, who came from Cologne's cover band Shooting Stars. As The Tony Hendrik they changed from the single The Grooviest Girl in the World / Majestic World ( March 1969 ) to German Vogue. Your band consisted at that time of Hendrik, Peter Schild (keyboards), Hilary " Hilli " Dietmar Hillnhütter ( " Hilli grain "; bass guitar to 1971) and Ron David (drums). It was followed by the work produced by Hendrik All Day / Honey Sunny Baby (1969 ), where on the album cover Tommy Engel still be seen. In between Hendrik made ​​a solo recording with the single until the end of days / hundred thousand years ( 1970). Again, as Tony Hendrik they were renamed in Rovin 'Man (composed by Hendrik ) / Hey, Mary Carolina (1971 ) with Peter Schild (keyboards). The next single baby, How Are You (composed by Hendrik ) / Some Kinda Fun in the cast Hendrik, Friedrich cattle man (organ), Erich Volkert (bass guitar) and Rolf Kutscher (drums) appeared at Hansa Records (1972 ) and reached in Austria Rank 20 in the singles chart in June 1973.

The 9 Singles 1966-1972 Tony Hendrik Five revealed no consistent unique style and no individual group with Image recognition. The search for his own sound can be seen in the singles, but came to no conclusion. Nevertheless, Tony Hendrik Five developed a cult band who had succeeded one of the few Cologne beat bands take more than a single.

Hendrik wrote in April 1969 by Ron Gordon ( Rolf coachman ) single released Heaven on Earth / Angela Allison (Vogue 14863 ), Hendrik itself came under the pseudonym John Eichendorff with his own composition Julia on May 30, 1970 in the ZDF hit parade itself on (Vogue 14999 ), because initially no other artist could be found. Only later did the Flippers took over the song, which reached as their third single after the publication on September 15, 1970 only rank 32 of the charts.

Producer for other artists

At Hansa Records in 1970, he produced the new progressive rock band Nosferatu, for which he oversaw the sole self-titled album. It was followed by the recruited from parts of Tony Hendrik Five progressive rock group Andromeda ( Hendrik / Steinborn / plate), whose eponymous and only album he produced also. The single Galaxy / Andromeda 1971 extracted from the debut LP.

As of May 1972, he produced the hit duo Phil & John, which brought out a total of 11 singles until 1976. Seven hereof came to mean positions on the German charts, of which the first single Hello, Mary Lou performed best in June 1972 with rank 20. Even he produced 15 singles Dennie Christian. With a Rank 3 finished its - and produced by Hendrik - version of Rosamunde in January 1975, the highest placement of 3 hits.

Wolfgang Petry

Tony Hendrik learned in 1975 Karin Sabine Hartmann- iron sheets ( born January 17, 1950) know who later married and three children were. The career of Wolfgang Petry would not have been possible without the team Hendrik / Hartmann iron sheets. Early 1975 they signed a contract with the pop singer and music producer Andreas Martin Krause, who introduced her to the unknown Wolfgang Petry. Both wrote and produced for Petry whose debut album A Friend - man ( December 1976), from which the title of his first single is Every friend is also a man / Who knows Julie? ( December 1976) has been coupled; also the second single summer in the city came from this LP and was with rank 16 ( September 1976), the first hit for Petry. By this he appeared in the ZDF hit parade on 31 July 1976. It was followed by the LP Zweisaitig (May 1979) with the single Ruby ( December 1977). The Singles If I go (May 1979) or Jessica ( March 1981 Rank 8 ) followed. The team Hendrik / Hartmann was also responsible for the LPs Simple Life ( September 1981) and Madness ( July 1983) with the same single ( February 1983) as recognition hit for Petry. Altogether they produced for him 20 singles and 7 LPs to 1984, which were 43 items.

Other productions

In 1977 produced Hendrik / Hartmann for Juliane Werding their LP Oh man, Oh man ( Singles: Since staunste what, Oh man, Oh man / composed by Hendrik? ). The subsequent LP A step further with the single Hotel Royal ( 1978) was monitored by them. Written for the duo Monza and they produced Hallo Taxi Number 10 (1978). Monza consisted of Holger Garboden and - the unknown - Dieter Bohlen. It was the first record, which remained without response.

Then Hendrik / Hartmann began her work with A La Carte, one compiled by Hendrik Girl Trio with constantly changing cast. The first single When The Boys Come Home ( March 1979) was extracted from the LP Do Wah Diddy Diddy Round ( March 1980). This was followed by Doctor Doctor Help me Please ( October 1979), Ring Me Honey ( September 1980), You Get me on The Run ( January 1981), the LP Viva À La Carte ( November 1981) with the outcoupling In the Summer Sun of Greece ( April 1982), the singles AHE Tamoure ( July 1982), Radio ( January 1983), LP Rockin ' Oldies ( October 1983) with decoupling On the Top of Old Smokie ( September 1983) or Jimmy Gimme Reggae ( 1984). Few singles reached average hit parade parking. For both, the trio produced a total of 38 tracks.

The career of the internationally composed Men's Trios Bad Boys Blue started in Cologne, where it was founded by Hendrik. The first single in May 1985 was called You're a Woman ( produced and composed by Hendrik / Hartmann ) and reached Rank 8 on the German charts. She came from the debut LP, Hot Girls, Bad Boys ( November 1985; recorded in Helmuth Rüßmann studio, Hennef ). Your LPs emerged on an annual basis, starting with Heartbeat ( October 1986), Love is no Crime ( October 1987), which was created as the following at Coconut Studio Hennef, namely My Blue World ( October 1988) and The Fifth ( October 1989). 79 titles produced Hendrik / Hartmann for the Bad Boys.

The successful production of the team Hendrik / Hartmann was the Euro dance hit for Haddaway What Is Love. The come on 18 January 1993 at Germany on the market song was written by Dee Dee Halligan (pseudonym of Hendrik ) and Junior Torello (Karin Hartmann) and produced in Coconut Studio ( Hennef ). He arrived in Germany and the UK up to No. 2 in the singles chart and was No. 1 show in 13 other countries. In Germany alone, 900,000 were sold in the U.S. and more than 500,000 copies, a further 400,000 in the UK, 2.6 million copies worldwide. The title was awarded two Echo awards. Haddaway could be producing 27 tracks from Coconut team.

Private record label

Hendrik founded in January 1981 together with Karin Hartmann- iron sheets in Hennef Coconut Records, a music production company of the same name, and later a recording studio. Both founders worked under various pseudonyms as producers and composers ( Hendrik as Dee Dee Halligan, Hartmann- iron sheets as Junior Torello or Karin van Haaren ). As one of the first performers for their label they discovered À La Carte and the Bad Boys Blue. Wolfgang Petry also brought temporary plates at Coconut Records out. The most successful song in the catalog was with Haddaway What is Love. Both founders sold in January 2007 at Coconut Coconut Music Ltd.. & Co. KG, which is part of an international group of investors.

Discography (own plates)

When Tony Hendrik / Tony Hendrik Four / Tony Hendrik Five:


  • Big Boss Man / Early Bird (1966 )
  • O Sole Mio / Down by the Riverside (Columbia 23 477, April 1967 )
  • Merry- Go-Round / Mistreated Man ( Columbia 23 620, December 1967 )
  • There Is A Tavern In The Town / I've Said My Say (Columbia 23 742, April 1968 )
  • The Grooviest Girl in the World / Majestic World (Vogue 14841, March 1969 )
  • Work All Day / Honey Sunny Baby (Vogue 14942; 1969)
  • Renee / Mr. G (Vogue 11052, 1970)
  • Rovin ' Man / Hey, Mary Carolina (Vogue 11182; 1971)
  • Baby, How Are You / Some Kinda Fun ( Hansa Records 12 330, 1972)


  • Night Flight (Columbia SMC 74255; 1967)