Tony Jackson (pianist)

Anthony (Antonio ) Jackson ( born June 5, 1876 in New Orleans, Louisiana, † April 20, 1920 in Chicago, Illinois ), known as Tony Jackson, was an American pianist, singer and composer. His most famous piece is likely to be Pretty Baby, the 1916 first appeared on record. A number of later musicians, notably Jelly Roll Morton, Jackson described as one of their essential musical idols.

The African American Jackson grew up in poverty. Showed early musical talent. With about 10 years, he built from parts found a kind of harpsichord, as could not afford a piano his family.

At 13, Jackson began playing in a honky tonk piano. 15 - year old, he was considered by many as the best pianist in New Orleans. He was one of the hottest entertainers in the entertainment district, Storyville. Supposedly he could any tune he heard retain, and play. His repertoire included ragtime, cakewalk, current hits from North and Latin America, Europe, blues and popular classical pieces.

By 1912, Tony Jackson moved to Chicago, where he played in clubs and bars. He died here in 1920 at the age of nearly 44 years, probably due to syphilis.