Tony Lo Bianco

Tony Lo Bianco ( * October 19, 1936 in Brooklyn, New York, USA) is an American film and theater actor and film director.


Tony Lo Bianco, origin by Italian Americans, at a young age was an amateur boxer in the Golden Gloves until he started at the beginning of the 1960s, as an actor to try it on the stage. In 1963 he founded the Triangle Theatre in New York, whose director he was for six years.

In 1965 his debut as a film actor, albeit under his pseudonym Anthony Greco. As an actor Lo Bianco was mostly fixed on Mediterranean Mediterranean or even explicitly Italian character roles. He first gained notoriety in 1977 when Lo Bianco in Franco Zeffirelli film version of the Bible, Jesus of Nazareth embodied the Romans Quintilius.

In the 1990s he was among other things, Nixon - produced in 1995 - and not guilty of the 1996 front of the camera.

Tony Lo Bianco tried it in the 1970s as director of television series, but he had in this profession less fortunate, as the production of Kaz and The Duke after just one season each have been set. In 1985, he led the first and only time at Too Scared to Scream, a 100 -minute feature film, directed.

Besides his work in film and television to Lo Bianco is also involved in charitable concerns and is committed to diabetes and lupus research as well as one for the NYPD Columbia Foundation.

Tony Lo Bianco is married in second marriage with Elizabeth Lo Bianco since 4 October 2002. From a previous relationship he already has three children.

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