Tony Meehan

Daniel Joseph Anthony Meehan ( born March 2, 1943 in Hampstead / London, England; † 28 November 2005 in Paddington / London ) was a British drummer and founding member of the instrumental rock band The Shadows.


Meehan discovered very early on the drums and played in bands as a teenager with. The mid-1950s he played among others with the Vipers, which also Jet Harris played on the bass guitar.

In 1958, when the backing band of Cliff Richard was reassembled, the two met again as members of the Shadows. Although this one of the most successful bands in England were then, Meehan had besides music whatsoever other interests, the vaudeville or psychology.

Tony Meehan had his life been known to have to have his own head. This was also reflected in his behavior before, during and after performances by the Shadows resists. His antics ranged from mere tardiness until the time they leave the stage during a performance. Initially he slept shortly after the recordings for the number 1 hit " Kon-Tiki " in the spring of 1961 the appearance of the start of the presentation concert and then began even before the concert encore (FBI and Apache) with the breakdown of his drum set at a sold-out hall, was still denounced him in the concert hall, the band membership. This is detailed in the memoirs of Bruce Welch "Rock and Roll - I gave you the best years of my life" read.

In 1961, he took advantage of an offer from Decca Records to switch on the producer side. When, shortly after, Jet Harris left the Shadows, he helped him to get a record deal and made him finally a successful Instrumentalduo ( for their hits see Jet Harris).

After the tragic accident of Harris, he turned Although briefly a Tony Meehan Combo together, who had a Top 40 hit in the UK with the song of Mexico, but eventually he worked again on successfully in the background as a producer (including PP Arnold), songwriter and drummer.

Notwithstanding the ignominious departure of the Shadows he was the formation as a temporary drummer get and was always ready to step in for his successor Brian Bennett as sick leave.

Meehan died at the age of 62 years at a hospital in Paddington / London to head injuries he had sustained in a fall. The news of the death Meehan announced Bruce Welch in a BBC interview.

Tony Meehan is survived by his wife ( Sue Ellen ) and two sons, who were born only in the 90s.