Tony Trimmer

Tony Trimmer ( born January 24, 1943 in Maidenhead ) is a retired British racing driver.


Tony Trimmer began his career in the late 1960s in Formula 3 in 1969, he was second overall in the European Formula 3 Championship and one years later secured the title in the British Championship. As vehicles, in 1970 Brabham BT28 both a and a Lotus 59 for use.

1971 moved trimmer in the formula 5000th Until 1977, the Briton denied regular races in this series, the overall standings, he was able to win on a Surtees TS19 1977. Mid -1970s to trimmer tried in Formula 1; there were his activities but only partially successful. In the Formula 1 World Championship, he was in 1975 and the Formula 1 1976 season involved as a driver in the Maki project. In the World Cup he was the Maki F101 qualify any one time. However, he reached the only countable result of the Japanese team in this race Formally, when he became the 1975 World Cup for not scoring the Grand Prix of Switzerland in Dijon -Prenois Thirteenth and Last. 1977 and 1978 he tried twice to qualify as a private driver for a Formula 1 Grand Prix. Both times he failed to qualify for the Grand Prix of Great Britain. That he was competitive as a driver in Formula 1, he proved in 1978 when he finished third at a rainy BRDC International Trophy and won the overall title of the first British Formula 1 Championship this year on a McLaren M23. In the last year of this series, in 1982, he had only beaten by Jim Crawford in the overall standings.

Sport car

1979 trimmer works driver at Dome and went with their prototypes in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. His teammate was Bob Evans. The two Britons fell early in the race with an overheated engine cylinder at the Dome Zero RL from. In 1981, he drove at Le Mans Ibec, but fell back out prematurely.

Trimmer 1997 drove his last car racing in the British GT Championship and finished the end of this year, his racing career.

Le Mans results