Toprakkale (Osmaniye)

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Toprakkale ( Turkish for earthwork ) is a town in Turkey. It is located in the province of Osmaniye. At the same time Toprakkale administrative headquarters of the district of the same name. Toprakkale is located in the south of the province and borders the provinces of Adana and Hatay. The city has 8,063 and the county 14,996 inhabitants ( 2010).

About two kilometers south of the city lies the crusader castle Toprakkale (formerly Til Hamdun ). It was probably built in the Byzantine period and easily extended by crusaders or Armenians in the 12th century. The building, which is located in the street triangle Adana - Gaziantep - Antakya, has underground tunnels and 33 well preserved partially double rooms and a rectangular enclosure.