Tor Åge Bringsværd

Tor Åge Bringsværd ( born November 16, 1939 in Skien ) is a Norwegian writer.

Bringsværd studied religious studies and ethnology and worked for publishers and broadcasters. He began with Jon Bing to write the end of the 1960s, the first Norwegian science fiction short stories and radio plays. Since then, he has published numerous novels, short stories, children's books and essays, a total of more than 50 titles.

Bringsværds main themes are historical novels and mythological subsequent or Neudichtungen with a clear criticism of the times. In addition, he has also appeared as a playwright.

Among his most important works is a five-volume series of novels Gobi, the first volume in 1985 was awarded the Literature Prize of the Nordic Council.

Works (selection)

  • Syvsoverskens dystre Frokost (1976 ), Germany: The Breakfast of lie-abed. A light novel of life and death! , Translated by Lothar Schneider, Insel Verlag, Frankfurt / Leipzig 1992. ISBN 3-458-16240-2
  • Pinocchio papirene (1978), Germany: The Pinocchio Papers, Dreamis, Zurich 2004
  • Minotaur (1980 ), dt: Minotaur, Suhrkamp, Frankfurt aM 1989
  • Ker Shu (1983 ), Germany: The City of the metal birds, Suhrkamp, Frankfurt aM 1988
  • Gobi. Barndommens måne (1985 ), dt: moon childhood, List, Munich / Leipzig 1993
  • Gobi. Genghis Khan (1987 ), dt: Genghis Khan, translated by Lothar Schneider, List, Munich / Leipzig 1994, ISBN 3-471-77172-7.
  • Gobi. Djevelens skinn og ben (1989 )
  • Gobi. Min prins (1994 )
  • The enøyde (1996 ), Germany: The Primal Gods. Fabulous from the far north ( retelling of the Edda ), translated by Tanaquil and Hans Magnus Enzensberger, with drawings and book decorations by John Grützke, Eichborn, Frankfurt aM 2001. ISBN 3- 8218-4504 -X ( The other library)
  • Gobi. Baghdad (1997)
  • Pudder? Pudder! (2001), dt: POWDER or: Sleeping Beauty in the Valley of the Wild, Wild Pigs, Onkel & Onkel, Berlin 2008
  • Kvinnen som var et helt alene bord (2009), Germany: The woman who had a whole table alone, translated by Volker Oppmann, Onkel & Onkel, Berlin 2010, ISBN 978-3-940029-70-6.


"So altvertraut this framework experienced SF readers may also occur, but it is less clear on the surface of the narrative, as it awakens ... the appearance. Bringsværds lyrical language in science fiction has no equal, his balancing act between freedom of association and the highest reflection, do the rest and always lead, even if often only in retrospect, the red thread of the plot back, which as typical of a development of novel turns out ... Bringsværds novel ... is of a sophistication that makes this book a recommendation for anyone who also sees the task of science fiction, to give psychological processes in man symbolic expression. "