Tor Endresen

Tor Lars Oskar Endresen ( born June 15, 1959 in Bergen) is a Norwegian singer.

Endresen began dreizehnjähig to play guitar and performed at the age of eighteen with a local band. He became known in the early 1990s in Rune Larsen Pop Lollipop series at NRK, where he performed as a singing bartender in thirty episodes. He worked on other TV shows such as the NRC and Beat for beat, Momarkedet, Absolutt norsk and Kjempesjansen.

Since 1987 he has participated in the Norwegian Melodi Grand Prix, where he was repeatedly among the winners. With the title of San Francisco in 1997, he took first place and represented Norway at the Euro Vision Song Contest. This participation had no points and he finished last, together with Portugal.

In 1994, he played in Bergen the lead role in the musical Is not Misbehavin '. In 2002, he appeared in the Revue Because Bjørgvin blev by on 2005 in the musical Chess. He also collaborated with jazz musicians such as Pål Arne Thowsen and Myksvols band Salex.


  • Pål Thowsen: Call Me Stranger Ole Edvard Antonsen with Janne Schaffer and Svein Dag Hauge, 1986
  • Pål Thowsen: Life Goes On with Brynjar Hoff and Ketil Bjerkestrand, 1989
  • Lollipop, 1989
  • Lollipop 2, 1990
  • Solo, 1991
  • Lollipop Jukebox, 1991
  • Tor Endresen II, 1992
  • Det best fra Lollipop, 1995
  • Ers starting with Rune Larsen, 1998
  • Tarzan, Film Music, 1999
  • Blue, 2000
  • Trippel Gate, 2001
  • Julen i Våre hjerter, 2001
  • Are Retrofeelia with Selheim, 2004
  • Now And Forever, 2005