Torgelow am See

Torgelow am See is a municipality in the district of Mecklenburg Lake District Mecklenburg -Vorpommern ( Germany ). It is goods located in the non- official merchandise belonging to the city managed by the Office Lakelands (Müritz).

To Torgelow am See include the dairy districts and Schmachthagen.


Torgelow was first documented in 1218. A large stone grave, the so-called " Heister stone " points out, however, that this area has been inhabited for some time. It was built in the time of 3000 BC to 1800 BC.

For centuries Torgelow was owned by the noble family of Behr ( - Negendank ). In May 1848, the mansion was stormed and burned down in the wake of the revolutionary events of angry laborers, which resulted in great turmoil throughout the country.

On January 15, 1996 the municipality, which until then only " Torgelow " meant the additional name " the lake".

The area around the Torgelower lake is a nature reserve especially for waterfowl.


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  • Mansion Torgelow, designed by Otto March, which was inaugurated in 1904. The building was rebuilt in the early 1990s to a private boarding school, boarding school Schloss Torgelow. The site now includes not only the mansion, but also several other houses that serve as classrooms and living rooms. Within the castle itself live teachers, mentors, the support family and high school students.
  • On the castle grounds, the trapezoidal castle hill is still there, where there was the historic fortification until about the 15th century, from which went out the modern occupation of the site.


Coat of arms

The coat of arms was included in the main statute of the community on May 26, 2003.

Blazon: ". In gold over a blue Wellenschildfuß forward a left inverted red aurochs head with a torn neck fur and silver horns, behind a green oak leaf with black handle, because two green fruits "


The flag of the municipality Torgelow the lake is uniform vertical stripes of blue and gold ( yellow). In the center, located on two thirds of the height of the blue and golden ( yellow ) strip across, the municipal coat of arms. The length of the bunting is related to height as 5:3.